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Posted by _SubZero_

Creepy guy in 2:12 is the best part of this video.

Posted by Artemis_D

lol, who was that mean muggin' motherfucker? Well done.

Posted by PLWolf

Editing Masters!! loved it!

Posted by coolwhip83

Gotto say, you're a funny bunch. Keep it up.

Posted by Rodiard

@_SubZero_ said:

Creepy guy in 2:12 is the best part of this video.


Posted by umdesch4

I hope they apply this level of crazy editing to the John Carmack interview. That's the video I'm most looking forward to, just to see if Brad is as tongue-tied as I'd be if I were meeting him (and obviously, to hear what the legend himself has to say).

Posted by zombie007

What an awesome video.

Posted by onarum

Oh wow, what Ryan said about Hitman calmed me down considerably about that game, thank god.

Posted by myslead

lol @ the intro ?

Posted by Lydian_Sel

It's nearly five am, I should be sleeping but I just need to watch this video one more time.

Posted by CyleMoore

I love your videos. 

Posted by whistlebottom

Lulz. Thousand-yard stare.

Posted by MementoMori

POWER. yehhheyy!

Posted by Rxanadu
@TonyBlue87 said:

Giantbomb, creepy guy, utilikilts, wah-wah-wahs, Snake sneaking box, Power, masturbation joke, and Tobuscus.

This is the greatest video on the planet.

Posted by mrhollender

I'm going to see that blazer-ed glaring guy in my sleep now. Thanks guys.

Posted by GraveyardPolka

Great coverage, as always. And hilarious editing. ^_^

Posted by Phoenix87

Who was that Guy?

Posted by Hexxagon

Great footage from E3!

Posted by Alphazero

Oh man... that guy walking by. I'm crying here.

Posted by ScorpioNicus

What is the song at 6:50 ??

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@ScorpioNicus said:

What is the song at 6:50 ??

You must be referring to POWER (Kanye West) from the Forza 4 trailer:


That's a "must know" for all the inside jokes about it this week. No one man should have all that podcast!

Posted by cwdawg1224

The Devil has appeared in al of these E3 videos!

Posted by Haziqonfire

LOL. This video is so great.

Posted by Protonguy

This had the best editing of any video ever on the internet :D. You guys are absolute masters. Whoever worked on this, just give yourself a big pat on the back.

Editing aside this was a brilliant wrap up of the day. Thanks guys, you rock.

Posted by Bunnyman

Crazy man will give me nightmares. WTF was his problem?

Posted by Cybexx

Love the editing Vinny. I am also very curious about that Atari guy now; did the GB crew tear one of the games he made apart or what?

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I love how Ryan and Brad just let Jeff  get the whole "wub wub wub" thing out of his system. Too funny!
And Ryan's "O" face at 6:52. Simply Classic.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

The editing in these videos is godly.

Posted by cr0wej0hn20

Great summaries on e3. Thanks!

Posted by bigsmoke77

@ZGoon: who do you think?......................vinny

Posted by Otrebor

The video editing is godlike!

Posted by andrewf87462

I don't know who edits these videos but bloody hell they do a brilliant job! Really fun to watch.
Posted by Sessh

Ryan's arch nemesis appears.

Posted by natetodamax

Some hilarious editing in this video. Nicely done! Love these

Posted by Rowz

I LOVE the editing in this video. Keep up the great work duders

Posted by Paulbunion

Lots of fun creepers. Wish I thought of a drinking game for the daily wrap-up vids.

Posted by Lelcar

1 minute into this video and already some of the best editing i've ever seen.

Posted by This_Dude

wow,  great video guys,  nice editing.

Posted by RYNO9881

That guy was NOT happy.

Only on Giantbomb.

Posted by Linkster7

I laughed liked hell from the editing of the creepy stare guy.

Posted by MisterMouse

the editing on this is insane....

Posted by csl316

That X-ray idea is freakin' genius.

Posted by Spiritof

I've never laugh as hard at anything in my life as I did at the 2:13 mark.

It was as if Ryan was silently contemplating the ass he was about to kick.

Posted by brassmarsh

mate someone send them a third mic. I'm sure there are some generous folk out there

Posted by DeadDorf

Wow, the section with Ryan doing the silent film thing is awesome.

Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG

that was Suge Knight but in a different body...

Posted by ptys

Batman's the one game where the art style just doesn't click with me. I really want to like it, but I just don't feel the "rush" you get when you play something awesome. I am really trying to like it but from what I've seen I think I'll skip it like I did Arkham Asylum.

Posted by Artie

2:16 is why i go to giant bomb. lol

Posted by TheHT
@the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG said:
that was Suge Knight but in a different body...
Fuck, I think you're right. That makes it at least 73% more frightening.
Posted by HerbieBug