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LOVED the editing on this one.  Keep up the awesome coverage guys!!

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I am having issues with the video loading all the way in HD...

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Tobuscus at 0:37?

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The guy staring at Ryan was kinda creepy . . .

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Oh man, these wrap-up videos have been awesome. Great work guys.

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Great editing! If there was a category in an award show for best editing, I'd vote for Giantbomb. Good stuff! 
Btw, during the Mass Effect segment of this video, I've noticed something a little out of place. Does Jeff have a comb over? You can totally see that on top of his head is completely bald!

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Ryan's nemesis revealed!

Great editing. Good info.

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Informative, weird, funny, and masterfully edited by Vinny.  Classic G-bomb biz there.

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I really fucking hope those idiots with the box and Minecraft head(or whatever) aren't allowed inside. E3 is a industy even and if they were industry people then fuck the gaming industy. you suck!

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As the Giant Bomb crew becomes more sleep deprived, the videos become increasingly unhinged.

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MAN. Ryan looked fucking READY to kill that guy. When you pause at just the right moment:

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No other sites compare. GB has the best videos

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1. Ryan has an arch-nemesis now, that is perfect!
2. Vinny or drew or whomever needs to get a Giantbomb editors award for this piece.
3. I really really really don't get the PSP/Vita hate you guys have. I know Jeff thought a few games looked okay, but he still blasted UNCHARTED. C'mon, PSP sold 60 million units. That's pretty impressive. It looks fun. Vita looks even better. You act like Uncharted on the PSP is crappy because "its just a console game in my hands, I don't want that". But then you drool on 3DS games. I hate to tell you all of the games you showed on the 3DS segment are just Wii console games in your hand. Mario Kart and Mario Galaxy aren't any shorter to play "on the go" than Uncharted is. So why the hate? You love Mario Kart that much? Metal Gear and Zelda for 3DS were 100% console games already, so Nintendo's offerings are really just as guilty as PSP games in that regard. You're just being hypocritical for some reason. They both have Final Fantasy Tactics. They both have Street Fighter, etc.... How is one so much worse in your eyes? I know 3DS might have a few more mini game type games in the pipeline, but not enough for your constant disdain at the "console experience in my hand" mentality. No fanboy here - I actually own an old GBA but I don't  own a PSP because I have no use for handhelds. But if they make a lot of "Play game on PS3 - save game in cloud - pick up later on the PSV - save in cloud - come home play on my PS3" functionality i will buy one 100%. That is the feature that makes that system finally good for a guy like me who doesn't have a lot of handheld time, to let me play my actual console games for a little while on the go but then come home and play more on the console, you just made "on the go" gaming relevant to me. We will see if they can actually do that though. i am skeptical. And I am not buying 2 copies of every game. I just think you guys got stuck in the anti-PSP rhetoric a little heavy.

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A frikkin' assassin for hire just eyed Ryan.

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creepers be creeping

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@Lukaz said:
Tobuscus at 0:37?
Yup, that was Toby. I'd recognize that "style" of dance anywhere. He also said he got to get up and dance on stage for Just Dance 3 in one of his recent VLogs.
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Ryan seemed visibly paranoid the rest of that video.  Drug bust?

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fuck me that guy looks crazy

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Great madcap editing in this with some odd moments that happened & wouldn't mind seeing it in other videos.

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Oh man this was great. It seems someone has hired a hitman to take out Ryan. I thought that stare down was going to lead to face and neck stabbin' for a moment there.

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Someone photoshop that guy into EVERYTHING

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Check out those GameStop employees!

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@mortal_sb said:
MAN. Ryan looked fucking READY to kill that guy. When you pause at just the right moment:
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Who the hell was that guy? 

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@thebigJ_A said:

Alex forgot to talk about the exciting 3DS games. Weird, since he did list a bunch of boring, staid and uninteresting games. Huh, guess he forgot.

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AWESOME video. I loved the sillyness.

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07:23 - 07:40
and THAT was E3. 

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Hah! Ryan is so rude. At the (edit:) 10:34 mark he's totally texting in the middle of the conversation. :P

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Ahh! Jeff hates helicopters! They are out to get us!

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The nemesis appears. Ryan looks genuinely afraid of that guy.

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Ya, had a hard time keeping my eye off those dudes. Spoiler: Minecraft guy is a chick

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Just bought a subscription. This is awesome reporting and I love the production values!

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Man, watch out for that guy

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Fucking A!
Ryan git dat foo!

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Thank you to whoever shot and edited this masterpiece of WTF moments. This was fantastic!

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Vinny, Drew, whoever edited this, I FUCKING LOVE YOU.

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fucking helicopter bosses 

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I love how Ryan's demeanor completely changes when that livid guy who was just denied entry back into the venue (he forgot his bag of free NOS T-shirts).  Ryan looks legitimately scared... hahaha
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Such great editing. Ryan actually looks genuinely freaked out there.

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Vinny does not approve of your man-kilt!

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That guy genuinely had the most evil look i have ever seen. It was amazingly edited (the whole video was) It was a total "jack that guy" moment if there is anyone who remembers that at this point...

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LOVE THESE! The editing is fucking top notch!

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if you're in a dorm room why the fuck would you ever want a 3D tv?

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Giantbomb, creepy guy, utilikilts, wah-wah-wahs, Snake sneaking box, Power, masturbation joke, and Tobuscus.

This is the greatest video on the planet.

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Incredible editing.  I love Brad playing with the Wii U cut to a shot of stuff shooting out of a pipe cut to Mr. Caffeine.

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Vinny is clearly the master of editing.

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Haha Toby Turner dancing at 0:35 XD

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If it's Vinny doing the editting here...It's fantastic. Especially Jeff's dubstep.

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amazing editing