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Whoever edited this, thank you

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hahah your editing just makes me laugh. creepy guy xD

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Incredible editing, fuck yeeeeeeeah

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video editing geniuses 
someone should give you a Pulitzer or something

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Lol that dude in the background. xD

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Vinny is tha Best in the bizniz. FACT.

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Fantastic editing as always.
I have to say this though: PS VIta is doomed according to Giant Bomb because it brings console experiences to handhelds, yet they are excited about Luigi's Mansion 2, Mario Kart 3D, Kid Ikarus or the prospect of playing your Wii U games not on a TV but your tablet controller?
"The gloves are off, the logic is gone, maybe the murderer lives in space!"

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This video is trademark vinny. Id be surprised if it wasnt him :P

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I love when you can clearly tell (without looking who posted the video) that Vinny edited a video.

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Great video/editing. Kudos to all.

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Why was that guy so creepy?

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Vinny's editing is THE best! 

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The editing in this video is pure Vinny madness

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Wa Wa Wa WoWoWoWoWoWo Wa Wa Waaaa

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Great editing! Also I laughed at the people with the cardboard boxes in the back xD

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I'm pretty sure in a past life Ryan fucked up that stalker guy's family.

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@mbk337 said:

@cabelhigh said:

who WAS that guy?

RIGHT!? What the H!

Was it Jeremy?

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i had to go turn the lights on and hide under my duvet after that scary man walked past.

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That guy that gave them the stare down was a great part of this video I literally laughed out loud

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Also Airwolf motherfucker. 

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Awesome. Love everybit of your E3 converage.
Scrayyy guy is scray

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@cabelhigh said:
who WAS that guy?
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Whoa...that dude! Creeeepy Raper Guuuuy! Ryan seemed terrified once he saw him!

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"No one trailer should have all this power." Jeff Gerstmann 

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Vinny I <3 you

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@KillaWolf13 said:
Whoa...that dude! Creeeepy Raper Guuuuy!
lol you nailed it, i was creeped out by him and i wasnt even there
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GearsViking - 14:40

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And trust Jeff to bring up a Mortal Kombat 9 patch as E3 news :/

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I think Brad stumbled upon the name for the next great game: Super Tongue in Cheek.


That was funny/insightful 

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Awesome video. The production values get better with every day's video. Also, Tobuscus dancing in the intro made me laugh out in the office. INTRO OF DANCINGNESS!

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Great editing and coverage as always!

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Those kids with boxes CAN'T be industry people or media. At least I hope not.

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Vinny went off with the editing on this video. I LOVE IT!

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awesome day 2 coverage.
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Wow, why are these videos so good. Thanks Giant Bomb.

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Why does E3 make everyone want to murder each other? That guy looking at Ryan was crazy.

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Amazing editing on this one. Laughed my ass off.

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Brilliant editing - laughed my ass off. Great work!

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I watched and hour plus last night, but these are the E3 Vids. I enjoy.

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One look and the hatred that has been building up for a thousand lifetimes emerges once again.

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Who the hell was that guy giving Ryan the stares, at one point i thought Ryan was going to say something he looked a lttle freaked out for some reason. 

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Great job, Jeremy.

(Freaking amazing shooting and editing, guys!)

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That man fucking hates Ryan Davis.

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The editing in this video is awesome.