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dance ryan dance

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Fantastic! I've been wating for this. :)

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@Meltbrain said:

Fantastic! I've been wating for this. :)

Same! Yaaaay

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no one video should...you know what? I'm done.

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Was waiting for Day 3. While I found E3 to be lackluster this year, Giant Bomb made it awesome.

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Day 3!!!!!!!!

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Comment #9!

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@Dany said:

no one video should...you know what? I'm done.

thank you for being the bigger man

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Ha ha ha, Bob Sagat!

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that Dance central 2 bit was great

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Oh that ending. That wonderful wonderful ending.

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18 and up.... Classic.

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you guys are dicks hahaha

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Ryan Davis in full effect.

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It's nice to see Peter Molyneux flat out say he wasn't impressed with Fable 3. Hopefully they'll learn from their mistakes.

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I've been waiting for this!

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Wait! Someone seriously wanted to get their badge, ha!

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Brad looks so...done. With everything.

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...and that was E3, again!

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E3 Rages On.

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What's the guitar playing from? I wanna say SRV, but I'm not entirely sure. Also, you guys are DICKS at the end!! xD

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My body is ready for this.

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The poor man at the end. So harsh, Jeff. Still hilarious though.

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Start video, see intro, DUDER IT'S OVER. Whhhaaaa??? 
Clip is broke for me. =(

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lmao ryan at the end

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Haha that guys asking for a badge XD

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The end is great! I just wish we got to see more of the show floor.

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They should live stream from the badge holder pick-up kiosk.

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What a great ending.

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Man Alex sure loves him some Dance Central..... and Ryan.

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Ryan's interjection was quality, but the easter egg coda was buh-rilliant.

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Great ending!

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'Bout time, slackers...

KIDDING! TOTALLY KIDDING! Holy crap I can't believe there's actually a Day 3 video with all the content last week! Wouldn't have blamed you a bit if you had just said "ah, fuck it." Thanks guys!

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Immediately lost it at the Dance Central part.

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I can rest now

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@MariachiMacabre said:

It's nice to see Peter Molyneux flat out say he wasn't impressed with Fable 3. Hopefully they'll learn from their mistakes.

How many times does Peter Molyneux have to apologize for his underwhelming games before people stop caring about what Lionhead promises?
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Fucking love how Drake just runs into Alex while dancing. Made me laugh so hard.

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Ah, that ending is great. Anarchy at the badge booth!

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This video won't work for me no matter how hard I hit the play button.

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can't wait like a G6 LIKE A G6

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The only way e3 could've ended. With you guys being dicks. I love it!

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There is no End for E3, it just pauses for a few months.

Excellent ending.

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Ryan's pure, unadulterated glee at the very end there is priceless.

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Love it!

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After Patrick showed up I kept expecting the crew & close friends of Giant Bomb filling up this video with assorted badge requests through the whole thing. What actually happened in the video at the end was pretty good regardless.

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Love the outro music.  Thanks for all the e3 coverage GB crew.