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And that was...

Edit: I'm an asshole.

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Looking forward to this :-)

Posted by RedRoach

please tell me i got it

Posted by TurboMan

The day after the first day is usually the funnest.

Posted by SpicyRichter

@RedRoach said:

please tell me i got it


Posted by Grimmy616

775 million.

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Fuck my ears! Why that song, why?!

That said, at least Alex has got things figured out musically-speaking.

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What song is playing at the start?

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Alex is wearing a The Sword shirt.  He is now the coolest motherfucker on Giant Bomb.

Posted by kylekrane

A "the sword" shirt on Alex. Yes.

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Haha, wow that house is a fucking disaster.

Posted by Phatmac

Surprised that no one has checked out Persona 4 Arena. Hope they at least talk about it.

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That party song is terrible.

Posted by darksagus

That party song is amazing.

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That party song is polarizing.

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Sweet mini ramp.

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Something tells me that as much as I like the look of Dishonored, I will wind up playing it like I did the last Deus Ex game (stealth up to the point where it takes too much time or not that much fun then just shoot every digital person in the face).

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I only know that party song as "The GameSpot UK Podcast Music"

Posted by Sweetz

That couch, blech. At least it's white so you can see the horrible flilth and know not to sit on it.

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I've noticed that the guys seem more and more jaded lately. I would like it if they said more than "looks good" or "really good" about everything.

Posted by MrCosmo

What is that song?

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Breaking the bank with this music, guys. 

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Loved that intro. Makes me wish I could go to E3 :D

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More E3 continuessssss

Vinny, this is a fantastic job on the intro, and the bumper intros.

That Party song is a certified Summer Jam for me.

Posted by csl316

Hell of a second intro.

Posted by frankepooz

Whos the editor of these E3 clips? I want to give you more of my money,

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Taking bets on the story in Lost Planet 3. Main guy is getting messages from his family trapped somewhere, he reaches them and they're all dead, then he gets a message and sees them being killed.

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Wonderful intro (past the bumber) go Vinny and Drew!

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the intro (after the bumper) is one of the best things I've seen on this site. also, REALLY well done. nice job guys.

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Ryan's fake run in the bumper gets me every time!

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Man, that house musta cost next to nothing to rent for a few days.

Posted by wumbo3000

The abundance of Dragonball shots in the intro is clear sign that Vinny edited this.

"Was that really necessary?"

Posted by AthleticShark

I would love to know how I can bounce a basketball indoors on carpet. Let alone have enough room for it. So stupid.

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Lol at Brad going to see Star Wars again.

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Is this a summerjam? It's...bad.

Posted by l4wd0g

Strippers and pole dancers are totally different.

Posted by Whampire

Yeaaaaah, drinkin' beers.

Posted by Nottle

Brad looked fresh as fuck in that jacket!

Posted by MeatSim

Vinny is killing it again with his editing. Nice work guys.

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@Paradigmer said:

I've noticed that the guys seem more and more jaded lately. I would like it if they said more than "looks good" or "really good" about everything.

It's a quick demo, they don't have a whole lot to go off of. Maybe you're looking for a game review, which will happen in 6+ months when these games ship.

Posted by holybins

Kind of sad these are getting shorter each day...but I guess this E3 is kind of a snooze fest anyway. :-/

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Spore editor....So penises on all the buildings? or maybe a city full of penis buildings? What a glorious idea!

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Damn, I want that Plasma Cutter.

Posted by CakeBomb

Drunk Brad is funny.

Posted by ApolloBob

Trackin' dat basketball.

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Lost planet looks beautiful, sucks about the gameplay.

Posted by AllanIceman

Oh man Vinny. so good.

Posted by TheHakku

Alex got to play Devil May Cry 3? Sweet!