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looks nice :D

Posted by ZoRzEr

Yap yap, nice video.

Posted by Captain_Fookup


Posted by MrMiyagi

Awesome. I was curious as to what GDC was actually like.

Posted by Th3dz

He's swedish... awesome!

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Ahh i was hoping there would be something like this.

I think Jeff said something actually positive and nice in the middle there!

Posted by Grimjim8000

dude, jeff stole my hoodie!

Posted by ProfessorZombie

I love these! Thanks guys

Posted by License_To_Bill

You didn't cut it!

Posted by Xeiphyer


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Furry Teddy is the culprit!

Great editing as always from Vinny.

Posted by Seedofpower

Man the Future looks awesome!

Posted by slantedwindows

brad is so drunk

Posted by Trnck

Believe me I'm living on Uranus

Posted by bjorno

what are the stupid van2010 characters doing??

Posted by spiceninja

Pffffft, your mom smells clean.

Posted by Tesson

Its great to see that you guys haven't lost your touch when editing these vids.  Jeff its great to see you do your thing in the real world.  B rad your still on BEARD WATCH!!

Posted by TwoOneFive


Posted by Meltbrain

Man, I can't believe he didn't get the "very clean" reference.

Posted by gosukiller

Tiger Uppercut!

Posted by Ferginator4k

nice vid looking forward to more

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Sheesh, Brad.  Take a trip to northern Norway; you'll get all the Karl-Magnuses you can stand! :)

Posted by simian

Maybe Quatchi (the 2010 mascot) is there to lure unsuspecting devs to Vancouver. Hey construction for the olympics is turning the city into a shit hole but don't mind that, look at me! I'm fuzzy and do the robot!

Posted by MattBodega

Who's music is this? It's fresh!

Posted by dannyodwyer

Background Don Francis in PunchOut video FTW!

Posted by 9mmfistcuffs

serious bad company isn't bad company, its Battlefield: Modern Warfare, aka boring CoD Clone # 18 billion.

way to murder a franchise.
Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

the editing is pure Vinny. great job :)

Posted by JonathanMoore

It smells clean huh...

Posted by RagingLion


Posted by FlipperDesert

Dunno how to feel about Bad Company 2 at all. :/ The humour in the first one was what got me interested in Battlefield.

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Lots of swedes on giantbomb lately, awesome! But man...Karl Magnus has a giant nose. XD

Posted by MeatSim

The distant future of 2010! what's that gonna be like?

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@FlipperDesert - Same here, man. The whole "more serious tone" thing bums me out so much. How the hell can Haggard be more serious? It's not in his personality. Totally bummed.

Posted by Spiritof

I can't dog Vinny, but that clip of Garnet doing his imitation of a bobble head could have been used every time you showed Jeff playing a game. Hopefully you stick it in the archive for future use.

Good stuff.

Posted by Media_Master

mUst buy bad company, its $20 now

Posted by Kyle


Posted by HT101

Great video and it looks like Teddy is a real thing now.  I just wonder how he escaped from the TV world into our world.  Also, more info needed on Truckosaurus Rex.

Posted by NordicGamer

I love how Garnett keeps showing up in your videos.

Posted by Skillface

Brad looks smashed

Posted by RHCPfan24

I think Brad had a few drinks, lol. Good video, and I love Jeff's enthusiastic emotions while playing Punch-Out.

Posted by Wright

sucks that you didn't get to see the speedtree booth. Jeff has the best expression while playing those wii games lol.

Posted by robio

QUATCHI!!!!!  I got baked inside that thing last year, excellent hotbox.

Smoke outta the eyes!!

Posted by Ben_H

I can't help but notice that when they showed Burnout Paradise for the OnLive thingy it was weird during the turn (It was noticeably choppy).  I've played it a ton lately and it never has done that to me.

Edited by KnifeySpoony

Ben_H, I'm assuming they were showing that to give an idea of what OnLive needs to work out, it was lag. That was a video feed from a server roughly 60 miles away. They talked about it on the bombcast.

Posted by RelentlessKnight

Wow, so much cameos in this episode. Shane, Don, Garnett.

Posted by Doogie2K

Why were they advertising the 2010 Olympics at GDC?  Were they showing off a 2010 Olympics game...several months before we know who's competing?

Wait, why am I asking those questions like it's a bad thing?  A less-broken Olympics game would be a good thing.

Edited by AspiringAndy

Not glad to hear that, Bad Company 2 is going to have a more serious tone to it.
That's what made it different to the ultra serious fps's like Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3.

Posted by giyanks22

I hope B company 2 keeps the humor and charm of the first game, but they really polish up the multi player, into something thats much easier to get into.

Posted by musdy

Awesome cameos from Garnett and pedobear!!

Posted by Sunjammer

Jeff cares too much about punching. JEFF CARES TOO MUCH ABOUT PUNCHING!

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