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Posted by Dimpley

I envy this job!

Posted by nakratz

Looks like some pretty interesting games coming out for the DS and Wii can't wait till some of them are released.

Posted by FlappyHands

Another great video.

Posted by get2sammyb

I love these videos. The Conduit is certainly sounding very promising so here's hoping for that one.

Cheers for the video guys - keep them coming.

Posted by stucket


Posted by Sharpshooter

At last, a game that takes advantage of our love of sitting on our asses

Posted by Crono

3 minutes of tweaking setting in Conduit was the best part!

Posted by Endogene


Posted by Zuul

"another way to play with your ass"


Posted by rohanspear345

im starting to get sick of the editing... continue

Posted by Stevokenevo

Ryan was making such awesome faces when he was playing rayman! 

Conduit looks intriguing, hope its just as capable in the gameplay/story as the ability to tweak the controls.

The tweaking controls should also be a mandatory update for all fps' on the wii. 

Posted by KingOfIceland

Continue...... Continue.....

Posted by Steve_C

Awesome. Great editing, and ryan's a great guide/presenter.

Posted by AaronBelfast

I hope the Wii version of DR turns out good..

Posted by viking

I wish I was a balance board.... Love you RYAN!

Posted by John

This video has it all, from Butt calibration with the quote "no two butts are alike", to the "CONTINUE!" chef, to the Conduit's final build. Thank you GiantBomb.

Posted by zitosilva

Taking every little chance to show as a bit of Mad World.

Also, the Conduit didn't look as good as I expected it to. But, they did say it's in pre-alpha. So I guess there'll be still lots of changes.

Posted by breton

Conduit looks amazing.

Posted by Mushir

CONTINUE! Lol I was cracking up everytime he said that xD Once again, great editing Vinny!

Also The Conduit looks very interesting. Pretty excited for this game.
Posted by ratzombie

Haha, great camera work from Vinny. I loved how he was trying to zoom into the Mad World action behind Ryan.

Posted by Irishjohn

The Conduit just might be a good Wii FPS.  Which would be cool.

Posted by link

'Play with your ass' Haha! Fantastic video

Posted by Ma7moud

I really like the GB interviews.

Posted by AaronBelfast

Half way through the video I get the dreaded "Duder, its over!"

Posted by fasteddie

make em say uhhh. nana nana

Posted by MachoFantastico

Animal Crossing ftw!

Only Nintendo game I'm looking forward to!
Posted by MachoFantastico

That part with Ryan on his butt needs to be made into a music video!

I'm looking at you Vinny!
Posted by Aeterna

Stream fucked up once, just cut off at the conduit part.

Nice footage guys.

Posted by Aaox

What about cod 5?

Posted by Knives

High Voltage hyping The Conduit AAA, that might not end well.

Posted by chet_awsomelaser

 i find it funny that the conduit guy called it a AAA title

Posted by Media_Master

What tis the Conduit?   Awesomeness on Wii!!!

Posted by NullSleep
Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR!!!
Posted by retwakm

awesome all the old gamespot guys back together

Posted by rmanthorp

Yay Nintendo is awesome again! <3

Posted by sloppyjoe

"No two butts are alike"  ---  very true

Posted by Afroman269


That was funny.

Posted by ZimpanX

Lol, butt calibration. :D

Posted by ElectricHaggis

The Conduit actually looks pretty cool and the PR guy was funny.

Posted by Arkthemaniac

God, The Conduit looks so good. I'm also somewhat interested in TV Party now. My Balance Board is lonely.

Posted by I_am_Lono

Ryan, I believe you have lost weight sir.

Posted by Wright

hehe love these vids. ryan's such a character.

Posted by CleverLoginName

I love the Age of Booty flashback.

Posted by Marzy

Great video.

The Conduit looks really good. I love the ability to customize the controls and it's looking incredible, visually.

Posted by elektrixx

The tech in The Conduit is very impressive, even if the environments looked a little dated.

It's about time a developer took the Wii truly seriously.

Posted by SlimDogg

Looks good for a wii fps. And once again a great video.

Posted by UnsungHero
Posted by JacoPOP
Posted by NormanOfTorn

I think The Conduit is a must have game on any platform and the must have game on Wii.

Posted by UnsungHero

you can play with your ass

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