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Posted by ChoopMaster


conduit sounds like one of the ones to buy

Posted by Scratch

continue indeed!

Posted by Neurogamer

Ya know, that cooking game's been out in Europe for a while now. It's actually pretty cool, if you are into that sorta thing. Believe me, when you study abroad, you need to learn how to cook more than just noodles.

Posted by Red

Conduit looks like the Resistance/Halo for the Wii.

It looks like a friggin' awesome game and it takes advantage of the Wii, but I can't help but think it'd be better on the PC.

Posted by high_seraph


the conduit looks interesting i guess... i kinda wanted to see the age of empires game. i thought the studio that developed those was shut down? who knows, maybe im mistaken/crazy

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

LOL, Ryan looked like he got his undies up in a bunch and was trying to untangle them.

Posted by lantus

The Conduit looks interesting, it like Metroid Prime 3controls, meet Perfect Dark Zero art style.

Posted by ManMadeGod

Great video but I want to see some of that AOE: Mythology for the DS.

Posted by PapaLazarou
Posted by bjorno


Posted by Gregomasta

Conduit looks........intresting......thats about it.

Posted by zoozilla

I play with my ass all the time - it would be great if I could incorporate "ass play-time" into games more often.

Posted by ProfessorZombie

Ryan rides Goofy !!! Im not alone!

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Continue. The Conduit.... will it be for the wii what metroid prime hunters was for the DS (at least before everybody started cheating)?
Raving Rabbids looks silly as always, and a game that you can play with your rear end is a plus. It is just another minigame compilation though.
Also, Is that Midnight Brown music I hear in the background? Brings me back to the days when I would wait for On the Spot to start.

Posted by MrKlorox

I haven't played a Wii FPS yet, but the control adjustments on The Conduit make it seem like a good place to start. I really wish more dual-stick FPS start including XY acceleration along with XY sensitivity such as The Darkness. That game's camera controlled the best ever.

Posted by robbob88
Posted by TheHBK

dead rising, dumbing it down.

Posted by PureRok
on Oct. 6, 2008

The problem with the Wii is the games are all very last gen int erms of graphics and gameplay.

Maybe 'last gen' in the graphics department (which in the end aren't that important as most people make them seem), but you honestly believe the gameplay is last gen? How many games last gen had motion control like the Wii? None that I know of. If anything, the other two consoles have last gen gameplay since they all play the same as they did before, just have newer graphics.

Posted by Geldart

+1  for the Jason Allen flashback sequence!

Posted by Xymox

Great video, nice editing :) Conduit demo was fun. All positive. Continue. 

Posted by Osiris

Looks fun, raman for the crazy drunk nights and the fps seems very nice too.. :) nice vid man.

Posted by Jordan23

I want to play Animal Crossing: City Folk and I love this title too.

Posted by Geno

Lol, so they basically took Dead Rising and dumbed it down for the people that probably play Wii.

Posted by AttackedCamo

Conduit looks pretty good.

Posted by Al3xand3r

No fps of recent years should have made a "slash" anyway dude, The Conduit looks pretty solid and deserves all the good talk compared to the overhyped bs people drool over the last years. If the DSi was that good, you'd complain that they "force" you into another upgrade. For being the same system, it offers quite expanded functionality, if most of it is thanks to the DSWare service they'll launch. If Megaman 9 was all you enjoyed these months, you need to look into more games. If it was simply the "best" then that isn't so bad, it's a damn good game.
Complexity isn't what makes games great so a Wii RTS can be grand and control great. Think Pikmin go to War or something along those lines, a game like that doesn't have to require a billion hotkeys for unit groups and what not. Other than that, they showed dozens of games and this video has what, three or four of them at most, perhaps you should look into the rest they showcased these days to find more things you may like, or more things you may enjoy bashing if you're a troll or something. Yeah, a wall of text from me, to yours.

Posted by AnimeBeast

The Conduit looks cool but I thought Red Steele looked cool when the first vids came out

Posted by brocool

haha.. rayman seems fun

Posted by Schizoid

cas-cas-cas-casual-casually pitched

Posted by ZmillA

all wii FPS games should have the customization that was shown with the conduit

Posted by Smitatoe

"continue" j/k, that guy who demoed the conduit was funny, looks pretty good.  

Posted by Dipstick

Nice Midnight brown guys ;)

Posted by Pierce

For those Midnight Brown fans, that was "28 Hours a Day", track 7 on MB's 17 Brown Lies album.

I thought it was hilarious to see Ryan sit down like a wee lad and move around on that board.  Yes, it looks like he's lost some.  Whether that was a direct result of all this sitting-down shimmy, who knows.

Keep up the great content, dudes.

Posted by GaZZuM

Dead Slowly-Sinking-Into-The-Middle-Of-A-Sea-Of-Mediocrity: Chop Till You Drop more like. hurr hurr.

Midnight Brown is far too infrequently squeezed through my ear holes. I must make a note of this.

Posted by Al3xand3r

LOL, I'll use this font so I can show you how BIG and STRONG I am and SMASH YOUR OPINION to the GROUND! YEAH BABY!

HL2 was a shadow of its ancestor and not worthy of the hype. No atmosphere, crap story, crap everything. But it had teh physicz and everyone went nuts, ha. I was only into it for the mods but Valve seem to have managed to kill the community with crappy tools, only a handful of good projects are still active and their final attempts to support them by publishing them on Steam won't cut it. 360 and PS3 shooters taking the genre to the next level? What level would that be? What games advanced the genre so much? Please don't embarass yourself by saying Halo or worse yet, something like Resistance. All those systems have offered is generic grey and brown crap that advance nothing but uninspired game design to the next level. Much like you blame The Conduit, and yet you'll tell me you like that stuff, ha. Anyway, this is off topic. Much like most of what you want to discuss here anyway, as the following.

People have mentioned grand Wii titles of recent months, why do you want me to flood every unrelated topic with lists? I'll mention one universally acclaimed game since you insist but we all know that no matter what title I mention you'll just go "lol don't embarass yourself" even if I mentioned a classic like Metroid Prime 3 which is far better than any FPS in recent years, aside from the original Metroid Prime. Anyway, my mention of a recent good title is De Blob, there you go, have fun trashing it, it's still grand.
Posted by joslop500

Video suddenly stops at bout 5 min in. What the hell?

Posted by Player1

lol at vinny trying to get some shots of madworld. 

"No two butts are alike" Thats a phrase to live by. 
Posted by Liam

It'll be interesting to see if more games incorporate ass based gameplay.

Posted by Shabran

the last interview was really good

Posted by ScottEFresh

The Conduit looks like a PS3/Xbox360 caliber gameFPS  (- the insane graphics).  Wow will I actually use my Wii for something finally?

Posted by Torb

The Conduit? Mass Effect II? No? Dang.

Posted by j0dybr33z3

Why didnt they show more Madworld Grrr

Posted by skilzlost

wow didnt relise conduit involved this much.

i play css everyday almost and this looks like a good shooter.somethign that i would play gota b a first for another system.