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That interview couldn't have been any better, seriously.
Best game related interview ever.
Tim + Jeff + Uncle Muscle's Hour T-shirt+ Random Brad Appearance = Awesome interview, great job!

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A massive grin was spread across my face throughout the entire duration of the video. Absolutely phenomenal interview.

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Tim Schafer seems like a slightly difficult man to interview especially under these circumstances, but Giant Bomb prevails again! 

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I always go left first in video games.

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Man, that was great XD

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Tim Schafer likes to touch stuff :P bags, babies, skulls...

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'he got fired for being honest'

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Awww, poor Jeff "You're the guy who got fired for being honest" :(

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Nice, and that lady does not look like what i imagined Valve's pr person would look like.
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two of the greatest minds in our industry today gather for a friendly conversation. wonderful video.

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I'm totally in the background of this video at the end.

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pure entertainment

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this is Double-Fine ! :)
also: Drew & Vinny? - you guys are insane!  ;) #camerawork

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Whoa, that was unbelievably awesome!!! They were hanging as if best friends.

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ok, where can I buy that luchadeer sweater? oh god I really want one

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God, Tim always looks on dope.
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"This guy got fired for being honest."

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Great interview - fun to watch! It seems Tim Schafer is the new David Jaffe where the media is looking to him for insight into the gaming industry - he's everywhere now. What would Tim Schafer do? Also, Vinny and Drew did a hell of a job with the camera work and editing - good job guys!
Is it me or does it make more sense to release a demo before the game to generate excitement and interest for the title instead of releasing a demo after the game's release?

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good stuff

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Oh man, so casual and yet so freaking awesome. Gotta love Schafer.

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Tanuki sighting.
I'm really digging these type of videos from PAX. Fun to see just hanging out rather than interviews.

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the ending is the best thing i ever seen 

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This stuff is great.

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Great discussion. 
Also nice filming and editing.

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That is a very small plane.
Cool interview though.

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Best video on Giant Bomb ever in the history of everness.  Also the most awesomeest video in the history of awesomeness.

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Tim always seems to put a smile on my face.  That Left4Dead2 bit had me cracking up.

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Best, interview, ever.

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Greatest GiantBomb video ever.

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1) Luchadeer pull over hoodie with small giantbomb logo on front on one side would be amazing.
2) Tim seems like a really cool guy.

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Jack Black likes Mass Effect? SHEPARD reference in Brutal Legend confirmed.

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Havent watched yet. This is gonna be awesome.
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Man this website is soo awesome !!! 
well I guess: thank you Kane and lynch for causing this AWESOMEness to begin ;)! :D

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Great interview

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Loved every second, thanks to Jeff, Tim, Vinny, Drew and apparently Brad who apparently followed them too.

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Only on Giant Bomb.

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I really like how they did the interviews for PAX, it's much more real\intimate than most sites which are just question answer and a mic going back and forth. 

Jeff seems a little soft on Brutal Legend in this one though, I wonder if Ryan (who thinks less of Brutal Legend) would have been rougher. Not that rough is good just seems like the BombCrew (overall at least) doesn't think highly of the game, but here it seems like Jeff does.

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That was phenomenal.  I'm jealous of Jeff. I'd love to walk around at random with Tim Schafer and just talk about stuff. 
Maybe I should go to PAX next year.

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This is one of my favorite video's since the site started. Great job, Jeff, Vinny and Drew.
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Great interview. Tim and Jeff make an awesome team ;)

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Who took the photo of me a Tim Schafer? 
I don't know, some video game dude everyone seemed to know. 

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schafer and jeff look like brothers

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Jeff is always hilarious!

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I love how the guy with the Brutal Legend bag didnt even know that was Tim Schafer lol

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I like how the guy holding the brutal legend bag had no idea who grabbed it from him.

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@TabooTongue: Why in the world would they be hard on Brutal Legend? Even if it didn't look awesome, it's not like this is some hard hitting interview where Jeff is trying to pry answers out of Schafer, they're just walking around talking and having a good time. If he started hating Brutal Legend in the middle of this the whole thing would have just fallen apart.
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This is great.