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jakob187 lookalike at 18:55

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i think im in love with tim

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"He got fired for being honest."
That was hilarious.

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Full of win.
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Congrats on winning best original game of E3 + *Jeff Face* = Awesome :)

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I like the dumbass with the brutal legend bag... "hey look brutal legend bag!" *dude goes wtf and walks away* "who was the douche touching my swag bag... rawr"

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Brutal Legend DEMO on my birthday! 

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Wow Jeff is fucking huge. I never noticed before XD

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Gotta love the bomb.
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Tim, will you marry me?

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20:39. Huh? ha ha ha.
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You guys are amazing. 
EDIT: I want a GiantBomb Reality TV show to feed my need for watching you guys on video!

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Doesn't he mean, SATANber 17th?
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I remember seeing this being filmed
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best camera work ever.

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Great interview! Awesome how Giantbomb can have these casual kickass conversations unlike the stiff interviews of other sites. 
Brad and Alex cameos!

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Jeff mentioned Bible Black...I wonder if he has seen the amazingly bad and hilarious english dub.

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I'd love to have dinner with Tim Schaffer

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Only more room for awesomeness.
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LMAO @ "He got fired for being honest" and the response of "..Huh?"

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Tim Schafer does not like Batman.
Thus, I do not like Tim Schafer.

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Brilliant interview, brilliant.

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"oh yea you gave me cookies......omg i ate them and i didn't die!" 
Great line from Tim Schafer =D

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"If I could just get my kid a free video game with every haircut then I'd be set."
Yeah, it's that kind of logic that would've kept me from running into traffic when I was 4.

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 Tim Schafer is awesome.  ROCKTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"You're that guy who got fired for being honest, I respect you, man"
I could see the awkwardness in Jeffs face as he said that. Stupid Eidos.

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This was a __GREAT__ video. Words cannot describe how sweet it is to see these guys, both of them, go around the floor and getting the respect that they both deserve. Superb chemistry between both and an very nice way to create both an itnerview and a floor tour at the same time. 
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@Delta_Ass said:
" Tim Schafer does not like Batman.  Thus, I do not like Tim Schafer. "
He said he's not a Batman fan, not that he doesn't like Batman, there's a difference. I think Batman is cool and all, and I think the idea of a great Batman game is awesome, but I don't consider myself a Batman fan either, since I've never read the comic books, barely watched the animated series, and only seen a couple of the movies. (And only really liked one.)
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This video is sooo awesome I can't simply contain how brilliant it is! Fantastic!

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great stuff here

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@Zeik said:

" @Delta_Ass said:

" Tim Schafer does not like Batman.  Thus, I do not like Tim Schafer. "
He said he's not a Batman fan, not that he doesn't like Batman, there's a difference.
You're wrong.
He said, I quote: "I don't even like Batman." Check the video.
That means he doesn't like Batman.
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@Delta_Ass said:
" @Zeik said:
" @Delta_Ass said:
" Tim Schafer does not like Batman.  Thus, I do not like Tim Schafer. "
He said he's not a Batman fan, not that he doesn't like Batman, there's a difference.
You're wrong.  He said, I quote: "I don't even like Batman." "
Okay fine, but I'm pretty sure he meant he just wasn't a fan. Anyone who just plain disliked Batman wouldn't have any interest in a Batman game no matter how good it looked.
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i think that jeff and alex were just joshing with each other
its like the thing that good friends do with each other and if someone looks, they go "wtf?"

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9 out of 5 stars. 
Brutal Legend. SOLD.
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they could be brothers.
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can't find this anywhere else

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 Sweet vid man, its always awesome to see you guys just having interesting and funny conversations and this time you got Tim Schafer!
You guys passed the nexon booth? Sweet, DFO is awesomeness 

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This video is awesome, Go Jeff and Tim!

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Holy crap! Endurance Run: Tim Schafer edition!

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that asshole didnt even know jeffs name

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that was a GREAT vid, thanks!

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"We're Valve employees.  We're testing you." lol
Great interview.  Gave me a good sense of what PAX is like, as well.

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This is a great example of what makes Giant Bomb's crew so good at what they do. 
Quote of the day: 
"He got fired for being honest." - Tim Schafer

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Today is an awesome day at Giant Bomb. This was a great semi-interview! Keep it up

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Tim is such a cool guy. :D

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Me, Lingxor, Dendei and a another friend totally appear at the end of the video at 28:20.

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Tim Shafer is pretty much the coolest guy ever.

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Someone needs to do a GIF of Tim punching that guy and Jeff's reaction!