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Posted by WrenchNinja

Haha, Rich and Brad walking right by.

Posted by KrazyMiller

Awesome moment

Posted by da_bomb

Hey Jeff, did you see Morgan Webb from X Play while there? Who had Tim first, you or her? haha

Posted by Hyruling

This video was great. Thanks Vinny and Drew for keeping up through the crowds!

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

whats under the sack?

Posted by c_rakestraw

That was a cool interview. Hope we'll be seeing more things like this in the future.
@RagingLion said:

" "We're Valve employees.  We're testing you." lol "
Yeah, that was great. Easily one of the funniest moments from this.
Posted by Trision

Tim Shafer is one great dude.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Very cool video. One of the best interviews I've seen here on Giant Bpmb. But what could really go wrong with Jeff Gerstmann and Tim Schafer checking out PAX.... 
Cant't wait to finally play Brütal Legend!

Posted by Afroman269

Wow these videos are great. This PAX just raped last year's one

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@Ignor said:


One of my favorite pictures on GB, and this one isn't even edited in any way.
Posted by kimbokasteniv

This is an absolutely awesome interview/impression whatever video. I could watch some totally stiff interview anywhere or watch some guys having fun at PAX here.
It is the informality of GB that makes it great.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy
@kimbokasteniv said:
"This is an absolutely awesome interview/impression whatever video. I could watch some totally stiff interview anywhere or watch some guys having fun at PAX here. It is the informality of GB that makes it great. "

you tell truth sir, I respect that.
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dude that was awesome!

Posted by Sir_Lizardman

That interview was awesome

Posted by VisariLoyalist

holy fuck there's so much content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Vasta_Narada

Is everyone like that when they meet Jeff and/or Tim? I guess it's for the best, since trying to act like you're not stoked seems a bit weird >_> Whatever, I'd be bouncing up and down.
P.S. My friends are anti-GB, mostly because I'm very pro-GB, so they miss out on awesome shit like this.

Posted by MrKlorox

Heh... uncle muscles hour. I get annoyed when people talk over each other.

Posted by ajamafalous

Ran into Brad multiple times there.

Posted by RedSox8933

That was awesome. Tim Schafer is my hero.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

Tim Schafer is, like, eternally 15 years old, except he is also completely awesome.

Posted by Ossi

That was awesome! Very casual and very entertaining, you definitely don't see stuff like this often enough.

Posted by MrKlorox

Jeff... you're a games industry celebrity. Learn to embrace it, but don't let it swell your head. I'm sure that dome already has issues wearing hats.

Posted by TiE23
@Crabcraft said:
" That was really cool. Also, check out hariy shoulders at 0:54. "
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@siavashh said:
" Man this website is soo awesome !!!    well I guess: thank you Kane and lynch for causing this AWESOMEness to begin ;)! :D "
I can't agree more, Jeff getting fired was the best thing that happend to him. Cuz  as a  result , now we have the best  Video game website EVER!!!
Posted by MC_Izawa

This was like a first date. Seriously, the banter was like two shy highschoolers, biding their time until they can go in for the kiss.

Posted by dark_maggot

Awesome video, you two are my heroes.

Posted by swampwalk

This video is ridiculous! 
Never played a Tim Schafer game before, but after seeing this, I have no choice but to support the man. 
"What's under the sack?"
"We work for Valve.  We were just testing you."
Schafer punching the ScribbleNAUTS dude.  Deep down Schafer's like "bastard stole my naming convention, and my damn award"

I love this site so much that I had forgotten about how it all started, until the classic;
"You're that guy that got fired for being honest" 
Send Gamespot a copy of this video.  THIS is journalism.

Posted by RLWIII

Things like this are exactly why I love this website!  The coverage we are offered and insight we get is unlike any other website I have seen.  The guys of Giant Bomb are doing all of us a great service with the amount of care and attention to video games that can only occur because they are fans of these games just like the rest of us.  The ability to have an honest conversation during an interview is so engrossing and gives us much more insight into the events and games that are being covered.  Thanks for taking the time to film these moments Vinny and Drew! Thanks also to Jeff, Ryan, and Brad for all the interviews!  It is things like this that set you apart from the crowd, so keep up the great work!  

Posted by blidger

i am in there at the 20min mark
Posted by jim_dandy

The ending was gold. XD

Posted by Relys

This is probably the most awesome interview I have ever had the pleasure of watching.
I've been planning to buy the game, but I'll probably go a head and preorder it now that there's an exclusive demo. Tim is my favorite video game developer. :3

Posted by jakob187

WELL...if anyone ever wanted some form of confirmation from Jeff about the reason why was fired, his silence and lack of refuting Tim's words is a pretty clear sign!!!  lol 
Also, excellent video.  It's cool as Hell that Tim was willing to chill and chat like that.  As it's been stated, the cool flow of the conversation and the toned-down professionalism is what makes the GB material some of the best on the internet.

Posted by tekmojo

cute tour

Posted by mudkip9000

Giantbomb is AWESOME! That was the best Tim Shafer interview yet.

Posted by DRE7777

I never knew Tim Schafer was so hillarious until I watched this and caught myself laughing histarically many times
Posted by optic

Wow, that video was awesome. Lots of great lines and Moments. Thank you GiantBomb.

Posted by Yit

Next year's PAX: Giant Bomb Autograph Booth featuring Tim Schafer. Sold!

Posted by FCKSNAP

Do more of these. This is worth living for. I would live to see walking interviews with people in just the most craziest of places. It could even be in the basements of the office or the parking garage.

Posted by zipperface

I love GiantBomb interviews, and this is no exception. Just walking around and shooting the shit with each other like a couple of buddies, not a cut and paste sanitized interview. Definitely one of the biggest reasons I love this place. Good job, guys!
On a side note, clip mikes aren't too expensive, maybe invest in a couple of those if possible? it'd definitely help with the audio quality in non-standard situations such as this.

Posted by sdauz

batman and robin.....hmmm whoose robin?

Posted by President_Evil

PAX brings out the best in the Giant Bomb crew.  I loved this interview as well as the one with Gabe and Tycho- they're just so much more personal, meaningful interviews than what you're getting on other gaming sites nowadays.

Posted by LinuxScouser

Poor Jeff is all I can think. Forever known as the guy who was fired for being honest. Forgetting the fact that he, like the other Giant Bomb guys are freaking awesome. Great interview/conversation/laid back chat and walking.

Posted by Diagonol

This epitomizes my love for Giantbomb. Well done.

Posted by ElectricHaggis

This is one of the best interviews I've ever seen. 

Posted by Osiris

Awesome :)

Posted by Carlos1408

Great interview, hilarious and interesting, man I love Giant Bomb!

Posted by McBradders

"He got fired for being honest."

Posted by ch3burashka

Compared with older photographs of him without a stubbly beard, Schafer looks awesomer now.

Posted by xaveri

 Tim rocks, Jeff rocks, Giantbomb rocks... nuff said.

Posted by gustave154