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Where am I?!?!

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 Gerstmann and Schafer FTW!

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@DiGiTaL_SiN said:
" Tim? "
You again...
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Yeah Digital_Sin is effing everywhere! It's scary D:

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Luchadeer sweater!

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Two cameras? :o

And at least Drew was on camera during this walk!

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Wow... I wonder how hard it was to wrangle him away from the PR handlers (or I suppose, conversely, how easy?)

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Hahah, I'm at 9:50 taking a photo of them.

Oh, and also I'm the guy shaking their hands at 20:00. It was a little edited so it only shows me shaking Tim's.
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That was awesome ^^ More non-regular interview type interviews!

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I like this non traditional interview

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I like the look of this. Schaffer and Jeff are a winning combo.

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Heh, I think you can see part of my head at 10:35. Awesome.

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I would buy Brutal Legend just for Tim. This is awesome. I also appreciate Alex being a douche. good stuff lol
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They're treating us with content today

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Alex and Jeff - not too pleased to see eachother?

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Best interview ever. I love Tim Schafer.

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Best pair-up ever. Grats on Brad and Vinny with the camera work, that must have been hell walking backwards through a crowd like that to get a frontal view of the guys.

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lol @ 20:40  
Tim:*He got fired for being honest* 
Random dude *huh*

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This was downright awesome!

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This is a perfect example of why I love Giant Bomb. Great idea, gents.

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awesome, you guys cracked me up a few times

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You're that guy that got fired for being honest, i respect you man.
HAHAHA.....and jeff is like yeah thanks...

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Awesome interivew, especially the Schaefer-Scribblenauts brawl.

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I like how Shafer was a bit confused at first about walking around the showroom floor, but then suddenly got way into it.

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That was really cool. Also, check out hariy shoulders at 0:54.

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 Schafer seams like a great guy you need to have him on the bombcast soon. 

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You have a woman's skin, my lord. I'll wager it's ne'er felt the lash o' the cat, been rubbed with salt, and then flayed off by a pirate chief to make fine stockings for his best cabin boy.
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Get ready for 29 minutes of madness people!
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Katamari Baby VS Luchadeer: New Age of Heroes.
Make it happen, Tim!

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This and the video "interview" with Gabe and Tycho are bloody amazing. Far more insightful and interesting than traditional interviews, as far as I'm concerned.
This is why I love Giant Bomb.

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Fucking amazing video :)

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This has GOT to be the best interview you guys have ever done. Great filming and awesome questions, kicked back atmosphere and a few great laughs. This is how it´s done.

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Very cool "interview"
" "quotations" "

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This footage is absolutely priceless! 
The Timmer and the Jeffmann doing a booth tour. 
Tim is responsible for making one of the finest games ever... Grim Fandango.
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Great idea. The bar is set. Now I expect all GB interviews to be this cool. Make it happen.

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Great video.

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Nice job. Probably one of the most dynamic interviews I've ever watched.

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Dude, Tim Schafer is the fucking best.

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Fantastic video, nothing quite like mooching around the show floor commenting on everything you see while trying to stay on topic. Quality stuff.

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They needed two cameras to film the greatness of this! Good stuff guys you should do more open discussion stuff like this because this and the penny arcade video discussion was just fantastic.

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Giant Bomb Rocks!

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Great camera work guys. Really good to watch.

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very nice

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That was a great interview.  Props to Tim and Giantbomb. Keep up the good work.
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I'm in the process of replaying Psychonauts.  Another Tim Schafer game, in case ya didn't know.  It's available as an original xbox download.  My suggestion to those who haven't played it is:  play it.  I feel it is the best original xbox game.  Yes, better than Halo(shielding face from xbots).  P.S.  This is awesome that Schafer gave Giantbomb half an hour of his time, and not necessarily to just sell his game.

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Awesomely awesome interview. Loved the cameos! Alex Navarro, the dude who made Scribblenauts, even Brad was in there for a split second :P
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Seriously that video was awesome work, No other game site has the personailty and freedom like giant bomb:D

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That was great. I especially like the part where Tim says "He got fired for being honest."  
Great video!!

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Best camera stalker walk around interview ever.  I want to play Brutal Legend so bad, even more so now. 
GiantBomb seriously needs to get Shaefer on the podcast one day, it would be so freaking sweet.