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Posted by Aeterna

Sweet, some PAX footage!

Posted by FlappyHands

Looks neat!

Posted by joslop500

haha, looks kinda fun

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN


Posted by Alphazero

Chickens are a-holes.

Edited by ryanwho

I love that Animal Crossing effect. Its kind of the perfect loading mask, more games should use it.

Posted by Tordah

Never heard of this game before but it looks interesting. I really like the art-style and the jazzy soundtrack. The gameplay looks a bit repetitive though but I'm hoping there will be more to it than just walking around and hacking monsters.

Posted by HeavyMental


Posted by jkz

Looks kinda fun, but not really a fan of the graphical style

Posted by Griddler

That looks... Odd..

Posted by Griddler

That looks... Odd..

Posted by twillfast

I think Ron Gilbert is kind of a genious.. and this looks pretty interesting.
What I'd really want is a new game by Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman... that'd be pretty sweet.

Posted by Demonstride

I would definitely like that as a XBLA release.

Posted by DrRandle

Hm. Digging that soundtrack big time.

Posted by GeekDown

I'm loving the artstyle and it's Ron Gilbert so it will most likely be a great game..

Posted by KnifeySpoony

I am really interested in this. I hadn't heard of it until I was at PAX and on Sunday my friends and I got a chance to speak with the head Audio guy about the game and then see a stage demo. I hope they make it for 2010 because I loved everything I saw about it.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

That game looks pretty good.

Posted by KingOfIceland

Wow, this game looks pretty sweet. And having Ron gilbert all up in there ain't a bad thing.

Posted by JoelTGM


Posted by Jimbo

Hilarity - Show, don't tell.

Posted by cowdrunk

I've only heard wispers of this game before but now im realy interested it could be amazingly awsome
Posted by Scratch

Looks great so far.

Posted by DukeEdwardI

Looks pretty fun!

Posted by Scarabus

I like the look of this game

Posted by WholeFunShow

Looks great, but might I suggest Hothead find a better ambassador or at least script for their games humour?This dude is all like "our studies have estimated that the humour in our product is at least %30 "zanier" than the closest rated humour related words words words."

Posted by MeatSim

What a name, I am keeping my on eye on this one now definitely. 

Posted by manathirst

It's looking good, lots of Diablo clones are coming out and they are looking promising.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

It looks interesting, but everything seems to move a little slow.

Posted by eznark

Ron Gilbert + Diablo?  I hope this gets as much marketing as Brutal Legend.

Posted by fox01313

Can't wait for this game, looks so wicked cool.
Posted by John_Bender

Very interesting. Hope this come out on PS3, love the look of it so far.

Posted by WUNDABAR

Will buy.

Edited by joelalfaro

Holy $hit i want this. Has summer of arcade written all over it.

Posted by Sylinder


Posted by cstrang

This dude is trying soooooo hard to make it sound somehow similar to Monkey Island, but it's pretty clearly not.  It's only similar in the dialogue exchanges.  It's an Action-RPG with a sense of humor.

Edited by Lazyaza

Looks sweet. Diablo but with comedy is pure win.

Posted by Milkman

The guy says epic way too much. Game looks cool though.

Posted by RazielCuts


Posted by Vigorousjammer

wow, I had zero interest in this game before I watched this video cause I didn't know what it was about... but now that I've watched this... dude, awesome stuff.

Posted by eezo

looks frikkin awesome!
Posted by Milpool

it looks ... EPIC

Posted by _Horde

Looks great, and that background music reminds me of going around in the Marsh in Monkey Island 4...

Posted by Metroid545

looks pretty fun, the travel looks like a pain though

Posted by zoozilla

Is this going to be a retail or downloadable game?

Posted by CFH_GARZA

Man I want this game!
Posted by ghostNPC

Looks amazing. Love the art style.

Posted by gingertastic_10


Posted by thecleric

This looks a LOT better than Torchlight.

Posted by artofwar420


Posted by Osietra

Lol, the pr is having a really tough time not saying 'DAMMIT FUCK U TIM SCHAFER'. 
But Ron 'touches everything' Midas Gilbert.

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