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Video ends right around the time they're talking about Split Second?

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I want Mike's shirt.

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Can't wait for PAX to come to Boston so I can go

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Dude.  It's my 4 heroes in the same room.  Fucking amazing.

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fuck the bald guy

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This is the best team-up ever! And I'm including Cable and Deadpool.

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wow good interview

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This is an amazing interview. Hands down fucking fantastic.

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@Pavlo: fuck you faceless internet guy
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That didn't even seem like an interview. It was like you guys were just hanging out talking about "things". =P

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My opinion of the Penny Arcade guys has been raised slightly. Used to thing they were a bit arrogant based off some of their stuff, but this interview was quite enlightening

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Wow, that was an amazing "interview", if you would even call it that. Seemed more like some dudes chatting over a few drinks. Kudos.

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4 really awesome guys

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Wow, this is one of the best days of GiantBomb history!

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This is one helluva compelling interview. Best of two worlds.

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best interview I've seen.

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Penny arcade dudes need some more humor. They're so serious -.- they don't even friggin smile.
But that aside, it was a really neat discussion to hear.
The fact that it was a discussion to begin with instead of an interview is kind of refreshing & i like it.

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my most fav interview - pure, honest, private, real.

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Superb interview. Mad props to the Penny Arcade guys for doing this stuff.

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That was an interesting discussion.
 When Giant Bomb takes over the world, Penny Arcade will give its full endorsement.

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Like the other Penny Arcade dude pointed out, I really like how it's more of a discussion than an interview. Feels more natural.

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giantbomb vs penny arcade the GAME!!!!!

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@AdventChild: Hell yeah! I was thinking the same thing.
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Man, this was a really fantastic interview. And it's clear the Giant Bomb interview style(spend more time just talking to the guests, and find out about them, and you will have a better pitch than any goddamn preview) works perfectly with these guys.
Totally terrific!

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I like the discussion interview format better then the interview interview format. Seems more natural.

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@AdventChild: word
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That was amazing guys. Two of my favorite websites, together at last.

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Wait, Greg works at 2K now?

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Greg is at 2K?!  Woah.

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That was quite awesome! :D

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Surely during an interview there can be no greater compliment than "Wow, I forgot this was an interview!". Excellent work Giant Bomb.

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GREAT, GREAT interview!

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Good conversation.  Well done.

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Great "Interview"

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my awesomeness meter just broke.

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This "interview" was amazing. This discussion videos should be a feature in GiantBomb.

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You guys do such awesome, lengthy interviews, which is why I visit this site. :)

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This was a really interesting video and I haven't heard a conversation this enthralling between a few different members of the video game journalism industry in a long time.

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They look like that?! I thought they were in their 20's D:

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Fantastic interview - shows why Giant Bomb is the best at this stuff... i felt like i got to know the Penny Arcade guys instead of listening to them reel off a load of scripted answer to scripted questions

5 stars *****

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i really liked the laid back talking vibe. it didn't come off stilted at all. gg guys.

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That was a really amazing discussion between all those guys. I'm happy that they got a chance to speak with Jerry and Mike and get a little more insight on what they have going on during PAX.
@Droop: They've been doing their comic strip for 10 years. The internet may seem timeless but in fact the people behind it do age.

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lol ryan needs to talk more, it seems jeff always personally takes the reigns during these things

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Penny arcade blokes came across as very arrogant
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Nice discussion

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Okay, when did Greg end up in 2K? That is pretty surprising news.

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I'll sell my soul for them in order to unleash Fruit Fucker Happy Meals on the world!
P.S. Because this interview and the GB panel video, Mark Ecko and Uwe Boll will one day team up and set in motion the end up the world.