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Posted by destruktive

all right. Release the video. I'm ready to be scared :|

Posted by ashbash

What is the EyePet actually called? You don't say to "come here EyePet!" because that's just weird.

Posted by Nizzleworth

I thought I was the cutest thing at PAX. :(

Posted by Seraphim2150

I'm actually scared now. Just waiting for it to get pissed and try and kill you

Edited by cowdrunk

That's what they look like!!  I've not seen any pic/videos of this.....their kinda....uhhh....odd.  its not a monky its not a dog its an eyepet? 
Posted by McPaper

Similar technology to the Eye of judgment.

Posted by Banjo_ace

 this casual game looks better then any thing nintendo this doing

Posted by PowerBombYo

Seems cool enough. I'm sure younger kids would enjoy it a lot.

Posted by RVonE

That PR guy seems pretty bummed out.
Edited by MrKlorox

I'm sure this would be interesting for Japanese who can't own a rowdy pet in their confined living spaces. But nothing beats a real dog.
Quite a delay for a 120hz camera. I wonder if Natal will have such issues since the cam has its own hi-tech processor.
edit: also, an original GB video in non 16:9 ratio?! My mind has been blown.

Posted by Zaerus
@RVonE said:
" That PR guy seems pretty bummed out. "
Maybe he isn't allowed to show off the feeding, even though the cute lil furball is hungry.
So he's sad =[ lol
Posted by Shane

Is that monkey thing the only pet you can have?

Posted by MeatSim

 Virtual pets are a novelty.

Posted by RVonE
haha, or maybe the pet hungry because that guy is too bummed out to feed him :)
Posted by slyspider

dude imagine a billion of them eating people and taking over the world............ i think i made this game more appealing...

Posted by SuperJoe

What a strange looking creature.  It's like half monkey/half dog but with the face of a human.

Posted by buzz_killington


Posted by oddmanout22287

Seems like some cool tech, not so cool of a "game", per se.
And that monkey-dog thing freaks me out o_O

Posted by Scooper

I'm impressed with the presentation even though the actual 'game' is a novelty I see it's idea and know it's aimed a children but there's nothing wrong with that.

Posted by GeekyDad

It looks like a really cool, NIntendogs-type thing. I can't see having much interest in it myself, but the technology and fundamental construction of the game/camera is very interesting.

Posted by animateria

Geez... When the gaming press asks a question...
Don't just talk about it.


Posted by FluxWaveZ
@ashbash159 said:
"What is the EyePet actually called? You don't say to "come here EyePet!" because that's just weird. "
Maybe you name it, like in Nintendogs.

My 9 year old Niece will like this. I shall buy it for her Xmas.

Posted by Vorbis

Get some mythical creatures out and i'd be interested, pet dragons, chimeras etc.

Posted by ryanwho
@animateria said:
" Geez... When the gaming press asks a question...   Don't just talk about it. DEMONSTRATE IT! "
I have a feeling he showed them everything that's complete at this point. The rest was theory.
Posted by fox01313

Blurring a few quotes from Buffy tVS series (on purpose), while I feel that there's no problem that can't be solved by chocolate after seeing this I just want to barf. 
Although it would be interesting to hack this eyepet program & mix it with some fun looking game like the movie-based game Saw and sit back to enjoy the fun.
Posted by theredace

This guy seems beyond bored with the product.  Come on, dude!  Sell it!

Posted by erinfizz
Posted by babz

They need better PR Reps... sony if your listening ill show you how to sell this.

Posted by CowMuffins

This guy is going to be out of a job soon.

Posted by piropeople13

My sister who already loves to play LittleBigPlanet with me is going to get SUCH a kick out of this.

Posted by 88Fingers

Ummm... this looks like it would be good for kids who don't have real pets.
If you have a pet? Please don't buy or play this game....
Give your real pet some love and attention.
You'll find it more rewarding than this silly thing.
As a dog owner...
I say MEH!

Posted by Kedzie

It seems like most people will have to do a fair bit of rearranging of the living room furniture to get the PS3, TV, camera, table, and  chair into the ideal positions for the perfect EyePet experience.  I'll sit this one out.

Posted by mark2000

I don't care about the monkey....
but that interactive menu card thing is interesting. Something like that could be pretty useful for my XMB or in-game menu interfaces in general.

Posted by Krenor

this is really cute, but I don't see this selling well at all

Edited by cyrax

Seems good tech-wise but I wish he would've shown off more content in those 8min. This would be a great QL candidate.

Posted by John_Bender

Liking it so far. Seems cute, hope it will get people who aren't interested in the PS3 interested in games. 

Posted by Phished0ne
@88Fingers:  Thats kinda the point, the dude said several times its mostly for kids, to help them learn how to take care of a pet. 
Posted by Player1

How much swine flu was on that table? 

Posted by NAMMY

I thought Brad was the cutest thing at PAX?

Posted by kwyee

Dude sounds like he's about to fall asleep... guess I'm not the only one

Posted by DeBurgo

Don't give a shit about animals, get me my own virtual palm sized anime babe to harass and then we can talk

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Seems like a really cool tech demo. Probably doesn't have much longevity as a game though. Interesting though nonetheless.

Posted by John1912

This could actually be kinda cool if they got really deep with it.  It would be funny to neglect your pet.  Come back hes dirty as hell, starved, and shit is all over the screen.  He could throw it at you for not doing your job. 
Posted by KillerKahuna

So it's like those DS games like, my baby girl/ my baby boy.
Daily chalanges etc. Well more interactive then.

This is looking good, it's worth the eye, I'm going to need it for the motion controller anyhow so might as well get it with this.

Posted by killdave

Half way through the video and I started skipping till the end...

Posted by ThePantheon

but if i was 15 years older and had a child, this'd be great for them.

Posted by masternater27

I'm not sure it's quite intuitive enough for little kids to understand.  We shall see though

Posted by Mister_Snig
@NAMMY said:
" I thought Brad was the cutest thing at PAX? "
No, that would have to be the Jessie (from Team Rocket) cosplayer walking around.
I mean, damn.
Posted by Quacktastic

I'm too old for this game but this video really got me interested in the Eye.  I think I'm going to find one.

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