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Posted by Artie

I fucking love Vinny's editing.

*cut to hacky sack players*

Posted by ZmillA

mad props for using "dope/revenge" intro track

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witness the unrelenting spirit fingers

Posted by Scooper

Vinny's the best at video man so hilarious.

Posted by Derios

Oh god Vinny seriosuly you have maaaadd editing skills, fkn halarious stuff. Keep it up.

Posted by ThomasP

Great video. Funny stuff.

Posted by TIGER

Gallup rocks and is definitely creepy. that would make some good edit footage for Vinny to play around with in the future. Also, R D was on some strong acid or drunk? I was rolling burritos today at the restaurant I work at here and started LOL'ing when I started to think all the PAX people saw that ridiculous vid you guys made! ROFLCAKESx100000

Posted by jeterman29ny

Holy...shut yo mouth...so you got like the whole gamespot team back together on a new website now or something? From what I could see in this video, the whole crew is back. I guess I can delete my gamespot account and just go here now since this is gamespot now. The only thing I've noticed is you don't put up your reviews as fast as you did on gamespot (video ones anyway) and you don't do video reviews for as many games. And your review for madden 09 sucked. Yeah, not everyone likes that game or even that genre of game, but you didn't have to kill it. You could have gotten navarro to do the review or someone else who is fan of madden. You guys really dissed the game. Is it just cuz yer sick of the same ole madden year in and year out or because you're mad that EA has taken over the football franchise?

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EXTREME JAZZ HANDS!  Awesome video guys, keep up the great work!

Posted by RandalBrodie

That tall blonde haired dude in the green t-shirt waiting in line for Rock Band 2 in the background, THAT WAS ME!!!  AWESOME!!!!!!!

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Great Video!!!!!

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@ jeterman29ny
Rich and Alex and Matt all work for game studios now. They were only at PAX for the panel.

The Madden review was great. It fits in with the Way of the Giant Bomb. It's not a another version of Gamespot. We know that Jeff and Ryan aren't big sports gamers because they've told us and they know we know so they made a video review knowing that we know that they don't really play sports games so they couldn't really say if it was great for everyone. Ya know?

And that video was Vinny editing at 110%.
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*facepalm* Alex Navarro is NOT on the site. They didn't "kill" Madden, they just made it clear that they will not be reviewing it because they do not know enough about football games to write a credible review. The site is just Jeff, Ryan, Brad, and Vinny. Rich, Matt and Alex are not on the site.

Posted by Alphazero

Achievement unlocked: Fingers of Spirit

You can only get the Jazz Hands achievement in multiplayer, which is bullshit.

Posted by zoozilla

Everyone's got such awesome sunglasses.... I'm envious.

Posted by zityz

Tell me more about this Biowhatever company..*rubs chin*

Posted by FluxCapacitor

More Paul Barnett in the next video!

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wheres brad?

Posted by John

Vinny is god-like at editing, yo... CHECK CHECK!!!

Posted by Hyruling

I love Ryan's magic fingers of awesomeness at the end

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Read the others comments and fail less please. Learn to actually watch other videos and listen to the podcast before posting stupid comments and that is set up for extreme trolling. And Madden is an ok game...just like they said...I mean its football, whats gonna change? Its not like it changes a whole lot in a year so its a generic game in the end.

Great video btw.

Posted by Dandy

Vinny doesn't get enough credit for these awesome videos

Posted by Loomis2

I watched that bit at the end with Ryan and all I could think was, "BLINK DAMN YOU, BLINK!"

Posted by Junpei

long live Midnight Brown!

Posted by MiLeSu

That one was great guys!

Posted by PhilSebben

what the fuck is is ryans hair the whole time?

Posted by PhilSebben

and god damnit vinny I can tell you watch alot of Tim & Eric.

Posted by okuzy

(Being written whilst watching video)
Daaaaaaamn. you guys need freakin bouncers! lol.
 oh gallupy boy, the camera frightens him so.
looks like they shoulda drank more before singing lol. props to you guys!
Damn, Rorie, you switched from casual Bombcast (occasional) go-er to serious Game Advertisement...er.
Hacky-Sack man = EPIC FAIL! jks
(lookin at Riches' cool face) Bow Chicka Wow Wow.
Ryan's face: Twitch..twich..TWICH TWICH TWICH!
Rock band 2: amusement park ride with more meth. CONFIRMED!!!!
DUDE! did that guy just jump into their game of hackey-sack? THAT BASTARD!!! jks


Posted by Hef

We just call it hack. I never knew it was just the brand. I have never heard anyone call a hack a footbag. Cool bit of info though.

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that was intence!

Posted by calf_exercises

that was intence!

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Way to go random Gerstmanngate guy!

Posted by LeetBalla

Navarro is annoying.

Posted by diz

Ryan gets a bad case of "Jazz hands" at the end of that vid!

Posted by Momar

Vinny is the best editor.

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Whatever, they were playing hacky sack

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Great video and editing.

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My Job SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rich on GB = Complete

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giant bomb is blowing up the summer

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Giant Bomb + Richie G. =  World Domination.

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thts the beast dam version of that bon jovi song everrr

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your glasses are stuck in the 90's bros

Posted by insanegamer

great video

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 you guys need to put up more videos!!! this aint enough! its like waiting for an episode of 24! i neeed more giantbomb-ryan-jeff-brad-vinny-awesomeness! 

Posted by toadstule

Aww, I wish I could have met you guys on the showfloor. Awesome panel though. Giantbomb rules!!!