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nice one guys :D its awesome to see all the old dudes getting back! 

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first !

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Hacky Sac :)

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I love the editing in this video..  Simply amazing.  Seems like you guys enjoyed yourselves. :D

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"hi how are you"

gerstmanngate! lolol

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Sweet. Check Check Check Check CheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck.

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Awesome video, CheckCheckCheckCheck.

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Vinny is such a great video editor.

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Thats Soon!

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rrrrrrriiiiiiiiiicccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now theres the rich we know rather than the "tired" one on the podcast

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Biowhatever confirmed!

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awesome video as always!!!!

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I wanted to go so bad!

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listen, hacky sack is a brand.  those guys were playing FOOTBAG.


giantbomb videos = entertaining

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This site is seriously the best ever. Keep doing what you guys are doing, owning the interwebz! PAX looked awesome...

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Jeff, you are so funny. XD

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First comment!Great video of PAX!RICH GALLUP ROCKS!!!!!!

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Biowhatever Q1 '09!

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"so locksley huh?" lol

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Giant Bomb easily has the best videos on the net

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Jamzy is checking mics at PAX!!!

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lol that was so so so so so so great. You asshole better come to london. I DEMAND A SIGNED GIANTBOMB T-SHIRT!!

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My Plan'd.

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lol @ Ryan breathing heavily at the end.

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Those aren't "spirit fingers"........show me some real spirit fingers!

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An amusement park ride with more meth, eh?  Sounds fun.:P

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I gotta do it too. checkcheckcheckcheck ch-ch-ch-ch check lol. awesomeness guys. great vid! awesome time.

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Dang it, nothing on The Conduit? :|

hilarious video! lol

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bio ... huh ... bioware
definitely there.

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Vinny, you are a master at video editing!

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...So it WAS Alex!

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hey.  No one puts Giant Bomb in the corner.

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The intro music for this video was fantastic Vinny.  It actually fits the Giantbomb crew really well.

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You guys suck. I preordered BioWhatever MONTHS ago. Special edition comes with a HUGE glove puppet.

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Best video to date!

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Fucking hilarious. More Rich Gallup next time please.

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So awesome seeing everyone together - everyone looks like they're having a great time too.

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Matt Rorie did it all for the dope.

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Dude, Shamwow guy!!!

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BEST VIDEO SO FAR! Rich being there saying "That's soon?" made me so joyous

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Hilarious stuff. Thanks guys, you rock!!

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lol rich!!!!!!!! lol

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SHES leaving today and she's never coming back.

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Are thous Jazz hands or Spirit fingers?

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Probably your best video yet. Actually, just the best thing ever