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Posted by Vinny

The "high" version should be up in a little bit if it's not working right now...see you soon!

Posted by adri4n

Keep up the good work Vinny!

Posted by Pop

wow this video isn't out for that long, watching in 3...2...1... now

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Posted by DavidLeeRoth

She sure knows how to point!

Posted by Fallen189

Thanks for putting it up so fast

Posted by FallopianTube

wow looks like so much fun

Posted by ArbitraryWater

The revenge of salty licorice! Ben Judd for the win!

Posted by whospilgrim

It's kinda funny.  I rarely play games anymore but I still hang around just for the witty-wordy-irreverent humor that only gb can provide.  Brad for president '08

Posted by soul101

Where the hell is my VINNY?????? Gimme more Vinny.  Wait.....could you turn him into some kinda Vinnie / Cute "bunny ear giving" Japanese girl hybrid ??? That would be swell.  thanks 

Posted by GeneralBison

Vinny, you are an editing genius .

Posted by RenegadeSaint

Those Japanese sure love their Monster Hunter.

Posted by Terrell

This whole week I've been saying this phrase everytime I visit the site:

"Wait, What?"

Posted by Ryan_

Bionic commando looks even more amazing every time i hear about it. and it looks like Ryan cleaned up the beard a little.

 The Compound sucka!
Posted by Pop

ok ok, I got to ask what's with the pointing??? I don't get it?? @the end what's up with that? THE POINTING????

Posted by TripMasterMunky

So what's the name of the girl who was pointing? And what did Team Ninja announce?

Posted by PLWolf

I was wondering the same thing, Pop.
She's cute, but why is she pointing like a gun at all the cameras.
Great video, Vinny, thanks for the updates guys. The interview with Brad in the shower was great. lol

Posted by SoulTaker

Awesome stuff. Can not wait for Street Fighter IV.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

vinny is a video master. No one has as much random funny/genius editing

Posted by Fr0Br0

It's weird that I'm still amazed at how strange some Japanese culture is...

Posted by Death_Burnout

Good to hear some Midnight Brown music in the background there!

Posted by Crona

... what was that girl doing pointing her hand like a gun? Great video guys. I'm still trying to figure out the time difference myself...

Posted by wefwefasdf

I'm so jealous of you guys.

Posted by mrfluke
cant wait for the fucking ace announcement and im surprised that bayonetta has no problems coming out with the "over the top lessnes" but madworld has issues????

either way vinny is the master at editing nuff said
Posted by Tommy

Pure awesomeness

Posted by Valandil

lol @ the end :D

Posted by Junpei

Ben Judd is hilarious....

Posted by TinyGrenade

That last part reminded me of a horror movie commercial.

Posted by spiceninja

Miguel used to work at GameSpot, that's how Jeff knew him I'm sure. 

Posted by ferrarimanf355

A naked Ben Judd makes little ferrariman sad...

Posted by John

Was Ben Judd at any point high during the interview? haha.

Posted by Smallville123

Whats with the dancing power ranger?

Posted by dQuarters
Domo origato Mr. Caravella!
Posted by CleverLoginName

Devil May Cry + Softcore Porn = Bayonetta?

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Posted by Kontrapunkt

Love the bomberman animatronic thingy :D

Posted by krochisy

I love these guys.... every video I see,every blog entry I read it's just amazing.

Posted by DJofSparta

Great video as usual.

Posted by Zuul

Japan is messed up

Posted by Wright

aha awesome video. the end was hardcore.

Posted by Cloneslayer

god, bayonetta seemes like some over the top crazy DMC-like awesomeness.

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Posted by MichaelBach

Great vid.. that bionic commando guy is crazy... but in a good way

Posted by yellownumber5

Someone said, "where the hell is Vinny?".  Shit who has to hold the freeking camera dudes?  Vinny's editing for these vids is super awesome, and a little cerebral.  I definitely like seeing him on scene, but I much rather prefer him to stay behind the scenes if it means we get these kick ass video nuggets.  His editing is super awesome, I repeat, and makes these vids much more enjoyable than any other site on the net IMO, including the 1up show, which is only once a week and way produced.  Vinny does ALL these videos multiple times a week. Still that one that Rich and Bob made of the WOW advisor still kindof takes the cake at the moment.

Posted by fox01313

For me I'll be surprised if that Bayonetta video makes it here & not get cut as there are some moments that I can see the ESRB going psycho & cutting it. After seeing that great video it reminds me a lot of the ps2 game Trapt & mixing that with Devil may Cry & hot librarian fetish model.

Posted by Krelle

Just FYI, the Phoenix Wright sign reads "Gyakuten Kenji" 逆転検事

Superb video, keep em comin duders!
Posted by bekern

Haha that girl looked like her arm was starting to get tired

Posted by Ouroboros

This sites video production is amazing.

Posted by MattBodega

Ben Judd is awesome.