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Posted by Phished0ne

is it just me or does bayonetta look like Sara Palin???

Posted by oddjob

Thanks for all the awesome updates guys. SFIV must be mine!

Posted by Jimbo_N

Agreeing with the mob. The editing in Giant Bomb videos somehow makes watching segments here 10 times more interesting than on other sites. Always watching with a smile. Keep it up Vinny !

Posted by GUnitVer1

This is why Giant Bomb is awesome... Probably the best TGS in terms of games I'm waiting for being seen there.

Posted by megalowho

Vinny delivers

great day 1 wrapup
Posted by jyurakyumihawk

I knew Bayonetta's sexy and all with her kinky librarian eyeware, but the crotch camera..DAMN. Never thought a grouping of pixels could make me feel so dirty.

Posted by Dolphin_Butter

Is Ben Judd gay?

Posted by DondonIcon

Awesome video Vinny!
Keep it up!

Posted by Liam

I wonder if that girl was paid to be there just to points at cameras.

Posted by golguin

I don't know what it is about Japanese girls (or Asian girls in general), but I can't get enough of them.  As for the uncomfortably long pointing...I can do without that.

Posted by MadThad0890

why the hell was she pointing?!?

Posted by lantus

Hehe great editing Vinny! Look forward to tomorrow's day 2 impression!

Posted by Duh_ave

Nice work, as always.
I already want to see more stuff, damn freaky time difference.

Posted by Enyeez

Bayonetta looks sexy.. :D

Posted by LCad

You built up all that anticipation just to not have the lady point at the camera.  I was waiting for it.

Posted by Lifestrike

Shit, just what I feared... That's a five edged magnum style finger point with a neglected thumb recurve. It's a god-damn dangerous technique; knew another guy who incinerated a farmhouse with it. Called that fucker the Cuban Firebug.

Damn fool.... She doesn't know the power in her hands.

Posted by mrsmiley

oh man that was great guys. that show looks WILD. btw, would be nice if we could click in the middle of the video progress bar and have it load from there. i logged in, the page refreshed, and then I had to start the vid completely over after I was 5 mins into it! :/

Posted by yaoigamer

Brad looks so cute in the shower ;D

Posted by GLaDOS

Brad, everything you do makes me love you <3

Posted by Xymox

As cant be pointed out enough: great editing vinny. 
Also, what happened at 04:00?! XD
Bionic segment - great stuff. 

Posted by Karmann

That Bayonetta trailer is Ludicrous/disturbing/creepy/WTF/awesome! As for the rest of the video, Keep'em coming Vinny, this is pure gold!

Posted by Snipes424

I could watch these videos forever

Posted by Dryker

Why do I suddenly want to play Devil May Cry as a school teacher in leather suffering a mid-life crisis? Awesome vid guys!

Posted by Shabran

this is awesome

and these guys are jokes
Posted by Aeterna

Bayonetta... just.. I don't even have to say anything.

Pointy Girl,,, /point back at her.

Posted by Rowr

Awesome as usual.

So when are you guys stealing Miguel Lopez?

Posted by Osiris

"On the site" Hahaha that reminded me of onnn the spot, in the old days :) Good video and thanks for not covering that probably boring MS story.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Great Video guys,

Japan still scares me.

Posted by mr_registered

'Hi, what's your job?'
'Oh I just point while people take photos of me, what's yours?'
'Oh I dance in a spandex suit alongside 2 Japanese women'

Posted by Luberik

was she pointing or actually using her hand a gun? We'll never know and she'll be sore the next morning anyway.

Posted by get2sammyb

lol I love Vinny's editing. It's genius.

Secondly - I'm still bummed at the lack of Sony stuff - but Capcom's stuff sounds awesome.

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Posted by xeopuppy

There has to be a remake of Strider, you know you want to do it...

Posted by twillfast

I have a few things to say:
Go Ben Judd!
Go Giant Bomb!
Go japanese weird and crazy people!
Also go Djungelvrål! (Swedish licorice - Jungle roar).

And on a side note to that, go Rich Gallup!

Posted by phrosnite

The only thing I like in the DMC series is the boss fights, everything else is BS. The characters,story, basically it's not even good. It's from bad to horrible. I don't expect much from Bayonetta.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Boy, I wish I was talented like her!

Posted by Philz
That "Japanese Girl" doing the hand thing on TV.  Is actually Korean (韓国人).

How do I know?

I was interviewed by her, while in line at the back of the Xbox/Microsoft booth in line for fallout & fable in the backroom.

She's even cuter up close. :P

There there from a Korean channel from what the camera man said in English.

Yeah, I was there on a business day.  So yes I know people are not supposed to be there till Sat/Sun. (as a verifier of info, international business registration is on 2nd floor of hall 5 and you get a seal on your badge that goes over it and the badge itself.  They tell you must be intact to have come back today.  Also you get a vault boy bobble head after playing it.  From a girl in Vault clothing that is only in that back room ;) )
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Posted by Scooper

What's up with that Bayonetta trailer it's arkward as hell and it seems that game's only purpose is to show as many crotch shots as possible. I mean what the hell was that camera sweep right close to her.


Posted by Linkyshinks

Please get as much as info as you can on both Tatsunoko and SF4, Jeff.

Looking forward to todays show.

Posted by AaronBelfast

Come on Sony, step up son!

Posted by Koopa_kid12

Right with ya there.......Bayonetta looks cool....This post isn'tb nearly long enough so i'm gonna say Lemons...........LEMONS, there ya happy?

Posted by Homes

We need a download button, please!

Posted by Alphazero

Bayonetta is freakin' crazy. Crazy!

Where's my orbiting crotch cam? American virtual crotch-cam technology is so far behind Japan it's not funny.

Also, F pidgeons. Seriously. F'em. I'm with you, Bayonetta.

Posted by MingZ

Wish i was there too :(

Posted by GeekyDad

Bayonetta looks f*cktabulous!

Posted by insanegamer

great vid

Posted by rohanspear345

good game of t wister!

Posted by robbob88

Great. I really want to see Monster Hunter 3. Looks so good.

Posted by Trilogy

If only vinny could somehow clone himself so he could shoot/edit the videos AND be in them.