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Posted by Venatio

Lol, salty swedish candy, I tasted that and it really is disgusting lol, djungelvrål

Posted by DukeTogo

Jeff, dude, how could you not get that the SFIV booth was made to look like Chun-Li's stage?

Forgotten Worlds: Remembered.  You heard it here first.

Posted by eduardoflores5

Hey Jeff, awesome webpage/bombcast/reviews/etc., just one complaint: why don´t you upload your podcast (videos) to iTunes?

Posted by Mushir

Vinny just rocks at editing! XD

Posted by Pierce

Midnight Brown music in the video:  Intro (Dope).

The editing and content does not dissapoint.  Giantbomb knows their stuff.

Posted by GonzoGuy

What is she pointing at?
I'd like to see Strider Re-Strided: provided it's a remake of the Genesis version and not the NES version.

Thanks for all the trippy and/or informative footage.
I know better than to ask questions about all the dancing weirdos but what the fuck is she pointing at?!

Posted by Killroycantkill

The last minute or less of the video was freaky to say the least. Vinny you're a mad man!

Posted by Vinchenzo

Amazingly funny video, as well as informative and entertaining.

Posted by giyanks22

that girl in that trailer looked like Sarah Palin lol... can't wait for tomorrow. That was interesting in the bathroom.

Posted by jangofett88

I agree with Scooper. That Bayonetta trailer was disturbing.

Posted by Tortoise

Bayonetta does not look like Sarah Palin! Ah, I don't even want to think about it now, its horrible.

That aside, very nice video. When you were filming those guys playing SF4 through the bars of that booth just wanting to be in there playing the thing, I could feel your pain.

Posted by Spiritof

I'm all for hot video game woman type characters, but what was up with that super tight shot of Bayonetta's vagina?

I want to see the game, I don't want to give her a pap smear.

Posted by RolexDPracer

After seeing that Bayonetta tease I'm so wanting to play it. The fan service and magic hair are so over the top it just speaks to me. Does that make me a bad person? Probably. :P  

Posted by Afroman269

See why can't the U.S make a CG Resident Evil movie. It would be better than those other crap movies that came out.

Posted by Ruisu

I would pay 2 trade places with the guy @ 1:19 T_T

Posted by Mister_Snig

So why did you do it?


Posted by FCKSNAP

Man, I can't wait for Mr. Judd to make my balls pucker. It'll be hella sweet. I just know it.

Posted by Player1

Brad creepin in the shower...best moment of Giantbomb history thus far. 

Posted by Derios

great job vinny.

Posted by SLE4ZY

Brad in the shower...lol

Posted by the_purgatory_station

GOOOD video guys.  loved it from beginning to end.

highlights/big laughs: seeing and waving to japanese media, food cart (you can really eat that?), bayonetta footage, and vinny's magic as usual

Posted by Joshy

brilliant love the girl at the end i'm sure that went on for even longer than was filmed!

Posted by Crono

love GBs editting

Posted by coonce

holy crap.



Posted by DrRandle

Prisoners in a hot sweaty man prison. Yes please.

Posted by Coldbrand

I was waiting for it at the last second there and you delivered.

Posted by ShadowDoGG

long ass load times for me

Posted by Jixashauser

Djungelvrål is the shit! I´m gonna go buy some right now!

Posted by Johanz

Ben Judd knows that Djungelvrål is the only candy for real vikings.

Posted by AURON570

lol @ the model pointing at the camera =3

Posted by AdventChild

One day I'll hug Vinny.  I have to.

Posted by Keyser_Soze

The most homo-erotically charged feature from GiantBomb yet. That Capcom interview with Ben Judd is some dominatrix, sexually charged atmosphere one-on-one. And take a look at Miguel from GameSpy at the end, he keeps shaking his right hand whilst in his pocket, and looks a little too excited at being in front of the camera.

Tone it down boys.

Posted by cgrady

that ending was some crepy david lynch shit

Posted by MrKlorox

Does Bayonetta really need an upper-body? I mean she could be torso-less and still sell games on CGI cutscenes alone.

Also I want to break the finger off of the pointing model at the end. Japanese hand signs for the loss.

EDIT: Damn you GiantBomb for constantly making me lose video pre-loads by refusing to let me open the login page in a new tab.

Posted by ParisRobot

Bayonetta looks absolutely amazing.

Posted by mcdrew77

great ending I am so confused

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

i was gonna ask why is that lady just randomly pointing but then i remembered it was japan everything is random

Posted by guiseppe

That shot where the camera goes between and under her legs... I laughed my ass off ^^.

Posted by MjHealy

God I love crazy weird Japanese culture

Posted by joslop500

Japan owns at being weird. Shower Brad

Posted by JAH_Donuts

To: Giant Bomb

Infiltration complete.

Posted by anklebreaker

sites is just awsome

Posted by VilhelmNielsen

That Bayonetta game, looks disgusting. Tasteless. Those japanese game designers must be horny as f***.

Posted by ddensel

Oh shit, whenever Giant Bomb talked about the Monster Hunter series I was thinking about the Monster Rancher anime! Remember that show with the big eyeball dude and plucky main protagonist? Awful. I still thought that was popular in Japan or something. What the Hell is Monster Hunter then?

Posted by richieinjapan

Pointing Girl ain't Korean. She's Kinoshita Yukina, a Japanese "talent" who is in one of the worst bands of all time. She's horrible. I'm surprised she managed to point in the right direction.

Posted by MrMiyagi

Kinoshita Yukina is pretty cute.

Posted by Angularbanjo

Djungelvrål :)

Posted by Joey2683

Lol, just when I thought Vinny made normal video he proved me wrong in the end!

Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro
Dango bana no kuma musume = You are a hairy girl with a dumpling nose
Posted by TekZero

Wow, I get the feeling that Bayonetta is trying WAY too hard.

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