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Still weirded out by the Japanese...

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I want to go to Tokyo ;_;

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I'll watch the screen with you Ryan.

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One day Brad is going to get really excited and break another octave...i swear it...maybe if he watches the Bayonetta trailer and you ask him to comment on one of the crotch shots...try that...or squeeze his nuts, i swear there is vocal range there, and once he finds it, and Simon cowell finds him...well the sky is the limit

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My brain has officially exploded from Japanese culture and rapid-fire edits.

Great work!
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"I'm just gonna stare at this screen for the rest of the show, if it is cool with you."

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Bah, why won't it let me watch past 8:56 :\

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I'm in love with GiantBomb right now.

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I think that I saw Rich near the end... strange.

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You know ... I totally love Giant Bomb as well as Jeff and Ryan but I gotta say Brad is a total downer.  He never gets excited about anything and always bitches about how tired he is.  Wonder if he has any idea how many people envy his job?

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Haha, I love your editing Vinny... Rich Gallup in the mix for no apparent reason, good stuff!

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That guy in the Castle Crasher's King costume just makes me smile. :D

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The last minute or so totally made the entire video.

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The frame used to represent this video reminds me of Borat.

This video was a ton of fun to watch. I love the extra sound effects and stuff added in extra later on.

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Haha I love how Rich Gallup in there for a like a split second!

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yea nothing really exciting

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16:22 Rich Gallup sighting indeed. Wonder if he was at TGS or if that was a cut from somewhere else.

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[cry] LEEEEEEEEEEEEeeave Brad Alone, what has he done to you [cry] LEEEEEeeeeave him a lone!

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Yo the Ice-cube Don Mega reference was hilarious! lol

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Vinny is still the edit master

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This stuff is just great.

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dude dont hate on Brad

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OooOOOoo... Tappin'!.. Sunglasses!...Chicks with guns!...  HAH HOUGH... That's not right... Tom Fulp!... Ahhh- ohhh... *Yawn*
Rich Gallup, representin' the HECK outta some 38 studios.
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Gotta love that dancing power ranger!

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All of the Asian chicks are so hot! Also, very amazing remix at the end. I like when they said "Ohhh" during the Bayonetta trailer.

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The video is hilarious. Great editing Vinny.

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More Midnight Brown music, Woo Hoo! and yeah vinny is STILL the editing master, and that ending was mad epic!

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I love these videos...making good days even better. :)

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Why is VInny so good at video editing?...It just doesn't add up...

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world famous, damn straight

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Best video so far! :)

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Is Vinny the best editor ever?
Sources point to yes!
Another great TGS video, guys!

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Great video. Giantbomb's video content is getting longer and longer and that's what the site needs most in my opinion.

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oh man vinny makes the best endings.

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"D for dope"
"C for ceveryone"

that was hilarious

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lol ryan hypnotized by the tvs

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Again with the Bayonetta vagina shot?

It makes me feel guilty every time I see it, and I don't know why.

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GiantBomb: Making Giant Japanese Trade Shows Fun Again!

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muha, that was awesome:). And bayonetta, wth? porn in pixels? I'm not sure to be like; mmmm, or whaaaaaa?

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I would totally dress up as a ninja and sneak around putting chips in people's bags.

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Erm Mr. Richard gallup at the end there ??? or some crazy look alike... Rich gallup big in japan, looks like it

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the ending of that video made life worth living again! and they should so that for every trade show

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Thanks for all the vids guys. Great coverage and good editing Vinny. Can't wait for more.

Hope you enjoyed your first TGS Ryan.

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ryan is awesome at covering his mouth with the mic.   Vinny is awesome at video.

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Flashbacks, of the video you're already watching.  Is there anything GB won't do?