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yay.. a skateboarding game?.. "sigh"

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So Dan you exctied?  Yep.............

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Yep Yep Yep

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Dan's pretty excited.

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even Ryan was like "ok dan... you cant be fucked with this interview can you?"

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Heyyyy where's their skateboard peripheral? Well, that was it.........

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No skateboard to look silly on while playing the game? Yep, yep *nods head*

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I'm sure that first dude was a nightmare to interview.

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Del The Funky Homosapien ?!?!? 
Man, what an name...I'm definitely going to name my child this lol.  
P.S. Interviewing Dan must been dreadful. 

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that interview in the beginning was the worst thing ever.  
how come this game is covered by Giant Bomb every year but far more impressive sports games like MLB 10 The Show get no love?

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Wow. Please tell me Jeff did an interview with Del The Funky Homosapien. That would be awesome to see.
EDIT: Oh shit, you did. Great. Knowing his music is in this just sold a copy for me.

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Jeff with Del? That blows my mind! So awesome...

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That first guy sounded horribly uninterested. 
I don't blame him.
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lol completely blowing off that interview so lame

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yep yep . . . yep yep . . . yep yep . . . yah . . . no no no . . . yah . . . no . . .

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Del the funky homosapien is just a cool dude.... 

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Nice one Dan.

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They pump out these sequels so fast.

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Thanks Dan.  Now I miss Tony Hawk, you uncharismatic mumbling pudding head.  That's why we wear a helmet.  yep yep...

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Yep. It's really realistic.

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yup.......Good interview? ..........Yup
Have to love Ryan's subliminal F you at the end.

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oh skaters.. you rascals.. 
Dan really seeeling the game there.
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Boy, I tell you what.

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This Drehobl guy looks and acts like a complete burned out e-tard. At least Del was there to save the day. He's awesome.

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I think I speak for everyone ever when I say FUCK DAN DREHOBL.

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Dunno if Vinny or Drew edited this video, but that's some awesome work!

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Del The Funky Homosapien! Best interview.

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Fuck yeah Del

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jeff went into brotha hiphop gangsta voice a little bit there

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Yep, Yep..all that stuff..hehe

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God damn hip hop buggers piss me off these days. 
Also, the first guy looks kinda... old... How old is he? lol 
And is the camera gunna have more of a fish eye look to it as an option or something? I despise when they just make it round without he actual distortion.

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Deltron Z himself confirms it.

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Worst interview ever goes to Dan congrats Dan come on down

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@swoxx said:
" jeff went into brotha hiphop gangsta voice a little bit there "
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lol so fucking awkward

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Awesome.  COOP!  I loved Skate 1 and 2, and number 3 is going to be the best skateboarding game ever.

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Dan Drehobl - a man of many words including yes, yep, no and nope. You need to get his ass on the Bombcast, I predict a 5 hour show of awesomeness.
@TwoOneFive said:
"how come this game is covered by Giant Bomb every year but far more impressive sports games like MLB 10 The Show get no love? "
GB are pretty open about the fact they cover games that appeal to them. From the help page:
"Well, yeah, but the point is that Giant Bomb isn't interested in the fire-hose approach to video game coverage. Our editorial team is small and experienced, and our job is to highlight the stuff that we feel is significant, either to us on a personal level, or for video games at large. That's not everything, but it's still a lot. Though, we're not real big on sports games, so don't expect too much meaningful/informed Madden coverage."
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I love how Ryan basically says "Fuck you Dan" at the end of the interview.

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 Del The Funky Homosapien! ftw  

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 "I had to do different sections. Like an A section a B section C section and D section and a times 3 section where the super duper you've been playing so good you're like BLARG!!"

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Yep, yep.

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Wow,   Dan Drehobl - Killer interview... Seriously, I kinda miss Tony Hawk. 

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Dan really needed to calm down and let people speak...    
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They cut the last part out, but Ryans full closing was "Alright Dan, fuck you and your yeps, you asshole."