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Awesome guys! Thanks for this!

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Sarge > Jeff!

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Haha "You play video games?"
            "Nah,I try to avoid them"

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I don;t like Wrestling since I stopped watching in 2001 but so funny!

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wrestlers are boring

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That was awesome!

Charismatic guys, for sure. Excellent video. Ten half stars.

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That whole thing was epic on so many levels! =P

la la la la la!

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I would love to have your job! You rock Jeff

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I think piper took 1 to many painkillers before going to that event.

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Haha Srg was great.

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I know you shouldn't trust midgets, but what about Dwarfs?

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Btw damn Jeff how tall are you? You seem to be taller than most these guys! start going to the gym and become a wrestler lol.

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I thought Brad Shoemaker was the mouth of the south :-(

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Jeff is just one lucky mother fucker. This was too awesome. The Roddy Piper interview was epic.

Jeff asks fantastic wrestling questions.

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LOL, Epic!

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Haha, Great video even if I'm not a fan of Wrestling any longer.

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This has got to be one of the best videos on GB yet.

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damn I love this site.

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dude awesome interviews lol

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Damn, that was a great vid.  Kudos Vinny and Jeff! (and everyone else)

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Giantbomb.com: lalalalalala.

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hahaha dusty rhodes has aged well!!!

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LOL who cut ur hair ray charles?

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does Jeff only has like 3 shirts he wears in his whole life?

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"I hate you MIz."

That made me laugh, because I'm watching Kofi slap Miz around, just as you guys said that. Great interviews.

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One of my favorite videos thus far....and I hate wrestling. Just found this very entertaining.

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I'm almost beginning to think that Sgt. Slaughter should just make monthly appearances on Giantbomb.

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ummm...dude, that didn't sound right....
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Shelton Benjamin
"Eat, sleep, video game"

He's got the right foundation for a great life.

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The cobra scenes were epic.
And go SGT Slaughter!!

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Man, this video was excellent, it made my day. I adore Piper, he's still number 1!

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That was the greatest video ever.  Rowdy Roddy Piper really was too drugged up but he was hilarious.  I love how Jeff always finds a way to talk about GI Joe.  COBRA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA indeed.

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That looked like it was a lot of fun to film, the Sarge was awesome.

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What I wanna know is how Sheldon Benjamin knows so much about G.I. Joe?
The star of the sequel to this year's best film?

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I think Roddy has taken one too many shots to the head.

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Everyone's always doggin' on the signature GB mics lol.

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Jeff being Jeff and wrestlers being wrestlers, man thats MAGIC!

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The cobra clip made me burst out laughing.

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killer vid guys, im not a huge wrestling fan but you guys rock anyways!

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Funky like a monkey.

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Was Rowdy drunk?

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Dude! I was at the Axxess thing on the previous Saturday. I had no idea you guys were there.

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i don't get it

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I thought Shelton's answer to Jeff's last question was really profound. It showed a lot of that guy's character. That's the type of stuff that made me want to be in the WWE a few years ago.

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Tommy Dreamer is spectacularly bland.