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Posted by drowsap


Posted by Crocio

Delicious coverage.

Posted by Dustpan

I hope the prologue thing isn't a half-assed XBLA release.

Posted by Mmmslash

I feel very good about this, and the back massaging Mamba.

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Wow....a dildo i can only hope that there are even crazier weapons 
Are they going to release this demo for the public?

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Posted by Lingxor

I always get more PP when I wear  S&M leathers.

Posted by AndrewB

New concept page for games with dildos as weapons? I should probably check to make sure it doesn't already exist yet...

Posted by Workinonit24

Pink dildo.  Win
Posted by Milkman

That lawnmower is absolutely ridiculous.

Posted by Depth

Oh, hey Ryan!

Posted by upwarDBound

The first game was insane and hard as hell. I hope this game is just as insane but a little bit less hair tearingly difficult.

Posted by Mister_Snig

Slicycle is a damn good name.

Posted by l3illyl3ob

The pink "massage device" is almost certainly a reference to San Andreas.  Which also had a very similar pink phallic object as a little secret weapon. 

Posted by ZmillA

omg I'm so glad to hear the story structure is similar to DR1. IGN's X10 preview said it was going to be more sandboxy and less story driven, IGN SUCKS!!! thank you gerstmann for asking that question first. I will argue with anyone that DR1 was a work of video game art.

Posted by BionicMonster

I see you Ryan.

Posted by Peacemaker

Would have been nice if MS released the demos at the show to the public.  Oh well.  DR2 is looking like everything I hoped it to be.

Posted by Alphawolfy

Hey that paddle-chainsaw thing actually reminds me of Skorge's weapon from Gears of War 2. Never played the first DR, but this looks fun!

Posted by Frederik

PS3 huh? Awesome!

Posted by Maxism

Definitely going to buy this. This is turning out to be an amazing year for gaming (I say that every year, but it means that every year it is getting better and better).

Posted by Bionicicide

So the challenge relies on weapons degrading?

Posted by ZmillA

lmao just saw ryan in the background on the video preview image.

Posted by Zlatko


Posted by spiceninja
@Zlatko said:
That is disturbing on many levels.
Posted by iCephalopod

 I bet later in the game Chuck Green will be able to make an imaginative weapon using  a dildo, duct tape, & a chainsaw.

Posted by EthanielRain

Looks like good old fashioned fun.

Posted by Andorski

If there was a formula to win GOTY, it would be ass-less chaps, dildos, and zombies.

Posted by RobotHamster

Heeeyy, who's that handsome fella in the background I see.

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Posted by FrostyHerpiez
they're chowin down
Posted by Atomasist

Dildos make everything better...

Posted by RedSox8933

I didn't even notice Ryan, I was too busy looking at zombies being murdered.

Posted by teh_destroyer

I want to own a moose head for protection when the zombies come.

Posted by Artemis_D

can you attach several dildos to a chainsaw?

Posted by Det1

I think if anything says this is made by a canadian developer, it's that the main character is a HANDYMAN named CHUCK GREEN.
I mean GODDAMN. That's as canadian as you get.

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Edit: Does this make Dead Rising 2 the second game in history to feature a dildo as a weapon?! :O

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Posted by billysea

Most wanted game of 2010 along with Heavy Rain and Metroid Other M.

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I'm not sure that the mamba-like device is actually a back massager.

Posted by Dovey

This is so not going to get past the Australian Classification Board.... Sad Face :(

Posted by pause422

Now THAT, made me want to get this game.

Posted by Kraznor

Lawnmower? Brain Dead anyone? But yeah, very much anticipating this and nice that it finally has a release date.

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Posted by Johnny5

Oh god, 2 reactions from the violence. 
1) Damn....thats awesome
2) Oh God, I'm Australian

Posted by Yit

PC? Fuck yeah!

Posted by KingOfIceland

Stumpgrinding Zombies!! SOLD!!!!

Posted by Rhaknar

game looks awesome, just hope theres no time limit like the first

Posted by Maxynator

I hate how they used the same animation for the combining of weapons

Posted by Yummylee

Ahhh the lawnmower, greatest zombie-protection since the movie Braindead.
Posted by ammahoela

hope there is no otis like dude.
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