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lip gloss? 

Posted by ErrantElement

second to last

Posted by Mmmslash

I really like this idea, somehow.

Posted by Crocio

Great idea!

Posted by ErrantElement

i really liked his lip gloss

Posted by Dontlooknow

Anyone notice that Frank has like lipbalm or lipgloss on distracting!

Posted by embef

hey there! i sell things!

Posted by havelava

This seems way cooler than I initially thought.

Posted by jkz
" lip gloss?  "
Yeah what the hell....?
Posted by Skillface

00:17 Vinny zooms in thinking "Is that..lip gloss?"

Posted by Adamantium

Looked like that dude was eating fried chicken with no hands.

Posted by Food

this guy seems like he knows how to get pumped up

Posted by thehexeditor

it's probably chapstick

Posted by xaveri

I like the idea, but the pricing they are proposing is a bit off. Some of these games are not worth what they are planning to charge, yeah maybe I'll buy 2-3 but if they want me to buy many more, they gotta give em at around $2. I think that is the sweet spot for these games.

Posted by Milkman

Weird lips...

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Ghostface Killah Jacket?  Nice

Posted by bluesun

i love this place. viewing the video, thinking, "lipgloss?"
come to post in the board and find 95% of the posts are about THE SAME THING.
the GB hive mind. its a wonderous thing.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

He may have lip gloss on, but he just sold me on the idea of Game Room.  Definitely interested now.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

I amazed at the amount of people noticing the details of this guy's lips.   
Great interview though. I like this Game Room thing so far!

Posted by Tarsier

that guy is intense 
i think he's wearing some sort of shiny lip stick..

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I didn't know that Steve Carell played classic games. Or wore lip gloss.

Posted by Slaneesh

Good Giantbomb is so much better than gamespot.

Posted by Omano

i think there is some lip gloss.  also, all this stuff he is talking about seems to be a really good idea for selling games to your online freinds..  just a thought.. 
Posted by TheClap

I would buy anything from that guy. ANYTHING.

Posted by Skullomania

How 'bout that Dreamcast emulator tell me more about that..

Posted by Rlan


Posted by Maxism

What I'm interested in from Microsoft: Fable 3, Halo: Reach, Alan Wake, Perfect Dark XBLA, etc...
What I'm not interesting in from Microsoft: Game room.

Posted by KidBakes

Nice face hoody.  represent.

Posted by Mooshu

A nifty idea. A lot cooler than I thought it would be. I dig all the sprites being part of the arcade environment.

Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

This guy seems very honest. I like it.

Posted by Berkie

Someone needs to lay off the Carmex...

Posted by AlbinoJerk

 cocaine is a helluva drug.   
 also, at 7 titles a week it will require almost 3 years to hit his goal.  hopefully we have a new xbox by then.

Posted by Zaapp1

Is someone vacuuming during the video?

Posted by ImperiousRix

I'm suddenly really looking forward to this.  Looks like something I could get into.

Edited by Kyle

wow this looks SO much cooler than I thought

Posted by DBoy

This looks very promising. Can't wait for its launch.

Posted by Lucien_Lachance

Does he ever run out of that time rewinding potion?

Posted by Reverseface

WTF THAT DUDE IS WEARING LIP BALM CRAZY MOTHERFUCKER! side note i should get some lip balm.

Posted by Atomasist

Games confirmed!

Posted by eccentrix

He's insane. Sounds like he needs some retro love.

Posted by Det1
@Mooshu said:
" A nifty idea. A lot cooler than I thought it would be. I dig all the sprites being part of the arcade environment. "
7 games a week is basically a game a day. That means 11000 days. 11000/400 (high estimate) = 110/4. It'd be nice if we have a lot more than just a new xbox (more than) 25 years from now.
Posted by Winternet

Smiling to the camera trying to sell his product. seems like a nice one.

Posted by dezm0nd

I'm glad i'm not the only one who looks at a mans lips because they're weirdly shiney shiney.

Posted by Rodiard

his lip gloss is cool 
his lip gloss be poppin' 
what ch'you know bout Pape?

Posted by k_dash

DAMN IT!!!! looks like i'm ganna have to buy a 360......

Posted by Zereta

Interesting. Might give it a shot

Posted by Captain_Insano

Looks like I will have to get that bigger harddrive after all

Posted by Nick

you know, this looks kinda cool
Posted by demontium

most excellent

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