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Posted by Mitsune

Nice house, Davis. The living room looks very cozy and I bet you've clocked a lot of hours on that couch. I dig the posters and especially the (unboxed) Dreamcast. 

Hope to see more of these type of vids.
Posted by MicrosoftEAGames

i wanna live there!

Posted by pisk

Bobblehead Ryan and Nelly frog should always be used simuntaniously.

Posted by Keyser_Soze

Show us your girlfriend.

Posted by Sanj

Nice digs dude!

Posted by Y2Ken

Nice place, shame we didn't get to see more of it but I guess you have to keep some secrets eh?

Favourite part was definitely getting to see the black velvet art - possibly my favourite ever Ryan quote on the podcast: "I have no less than three pieces of black velvet art, so step the fuck off sir"... great stuff.

Posted by inkwolf

Wow... that Rapture masquerade poster is freaking AWESOME. 

Posted by DeanJParker

Lets hope the other GB boys step upto the plate!

Happy Memorial Day

Posted by cc23574

That Frog is awesome!

Posted by Aaox

Okay, so steal the Laptop, the TV, The subwoofers, the records, the couch, the... Oh, what? Sorry. Don't mind me.

Posted by MatthewMeadows

Nice place: I like the office room the most - classy.

Posted by Ivanetc

wow did i see a paul's boutique vinyl? fucking class

also nice crib bro

Posted by Carlos1408

Nice place Ryan, love the decoration and art an' all!
Lets hope the rest of the crew joins in these videos, they0re a great feature. :)

Posted by NAMMY

Ah, I was hoping for a hip hop song in the background and some crazy editing.

Posted by MadBlade

cool! nice house, Ryan.
love to see more of these vids.
next house please :)

Posted by neilsquibb

Wow. How can I get hold of the Time Trotters Ryan bobble-head? Is there a Jeff version aswell?

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Oh yeah Ryan you werent joking about those paintings, thats awesome.

Also it's great to see this...i've only ever seen Jeff's crib.

Time Trotter Bobble Head!

Posted by Rekt_Hed

Awesome vid BUT in true MTV Crib style we DIDNT see whats in your fridge!? :D I want part 2 of this video sir please :D

Posted by ElectricHaggis

Awesome.  Jeff, Brad, Vinny, you are now obligated to continue this feature. 
The Bioshock poster is great.

Posted by solidlife

Argh man i really wanted to see inside your Fridge. But still aswsomee!

Posted by Tovan

I love these videos around the office/home, keep up the great work.

Posted by Matfei90

You've got an epic games collection Ryan, and a nice house.

I'd be worried about having my entire games collection right next to the front door!

Posted by gamefreak9

only thing i hate in there is the mac :P.... oh and i dont understand the dreamcast, liked it but i doubt u still play it.... i hop

Posted by Djeffers03

lovin it

Posted by Djeffers03

lovin it

Posted by Kohe321

Awesome! :D

Posted by Johanz

Nice home Ryan! Scary with the living room right at the door though! I like my hallways before you get into the "house". :)

Posted by Vorbis

I bet you could fit inside that TV, try sticking your hand in on a rainy night.

Posted by SinGulaR

Somehow that turned out as I have expected it.

Posted by Sarnecki

Shockingly nice digs.

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Posted by GeekDown

Loving these "behind the scenes" videos...keep 'em coming.

Posted by skrutop

I love craftsman style.

Posted by NoXious

Aw man I wish I had that Rapture posture! Look awesome.

Nice place you got there Ryan :) Keep em coming on the behind the scenes videos ^^

Posted by al

Black Velvet......Classy!

Posted by sublime90

LOL at the frog that sings nelly songs, awesome

Posted by Eric_Buck

I've now changed my mind. I want to be Ryan when I grow up.

Posted by mrbasehart

The black velvet clown looks like Robin Williams on one of his bad days.  Great vid, Ryan!

Posted by PenguinDust

He-Man's Attack Cat eating a polar bear on the CD shelf.  Wicked cool.  I see you have the state of the art "screen door security system".  Me and the boyz will be over in a few to borrow your Dreamcast games and velvet paintings.  Thanks to Google-Street View, we can figure out where you live.

Nah, that'd take time away from surfing the net for porn. Ah, well you get away this time, Ryan.

Great vid, love these short tidbits. 

Posted by babblinmule

Wow, Ryan has done very well for himself over the years to have such a big house - I think everyone here envies you.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I wonder how active Haze is :)

Aw, no kitchen?

Posted by RHCPfan24

Seriously, Ryan, that is a great set-up. I wish I could have a gaming set-up that was that organized. And the Dreamcast is a necessity, great job with that one.

I see some hot, vinyl Beastie Boys action going on. Very nice :D

Posted by Kratch

Pee Wee's Big Adventure is probably one of the best films ever made.  Note my complete lack of irony and/or sarcasm.

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Posted by Gearhead

I always like these tours on video. Good one, and I love that Rapture poster. 

Posted by viklanderviking

Sweet house Ryan!

Posted by gingertastic_10

do more please

Posted by ManMadeGod

Haha, I like the idea of a Giant Bomb Cribz. I love how he says the stuff by the door is only the essentials, yet there are like 100 games there. Funny guy Ryan.

Posted by darkspirit138

As Yosuke says, where dyu keep your stash?

Posted by zestortic

Cool video, but what about the one grand japanese toilet?