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Posted by brocool

I'll pretend I didnt see a copy of HAZE in your collection

Posted by Reynolds

Ryan's house elicited so many comments!

I know that you put Paul's Boutique at the top of your pile of hot vinyl so we would all know how cool you are listening to Paul's Boutique on vinyl.
Posted by iiNF3RNo

like how theres barely any ps3 games lolz. nice vid

Posted by Ziaxool


I also noticed the Blizzard of Ozz record, nice. :D

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Awsome video Ryan! I thought your house was really different and interesting.
Please more Giant bomb cribbs soon!

Posted by slashdotdot

Nice vinyl collection.
Real men collect music on huge expensive secondhand discs.

Posted by TiE23

Lol, I spotted the R4DS box on the DS stack, ooooooo. : P

Posted by MOA

Nice place, but that clown painting is scary as hell.

Posted by DorianBlack

I noticed the camera focused on the fact that he had maybe 7 PS3 games. I lol'd.

Posted by ToxicFruit

There is a big fan in Ryan's house
see what i did there !

Posted by shuref00t

For some reason, I thought that singing frog was Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet.

Haha... HAZE!

Posted by lacke

Haha, I love how most of the PS3 related comments are about how he has Haze but no other PS3 games. It's not that surprising to me though. Obviously the 360 is his choice of multiplatform games. Take away the multiplatform games, how many exclusive PS3 games do you have left, which also has to be interesting to Ryan? You could say the same thing about the 360 if PS3 was his choice of multiplatform games.

Posted by KinjiroSSD

Nice place. Funny how i have about 3-4 times more ps3 games. Most being exclusive to the system as well. Clearly, 360 is his system on choice and there is nothing wrong with that. I'll just take that into consideration when reading reviews.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos
lordofultima said:
You have one of those weird bendy can't type correctly keyboards. Ewwww!

Actually, that's a great keyboard. I haveit too. And I love. SO SHUT UP! Although I can see why you don't like it xD

Is funky student your room mate/decorator? Admit it Ryan.

We all know...
Posted by Stargate174

Good video you have way to many DVDs an Games...Lol

Posted by y0y0

nice vdieo love the frog!

Posted by perfectblu3

Hmm... I am concerned about the disparity between several hundred games and the lone shelf of books... haha.

Posted by MichaelBach

Great stuff!

Posted by Vigorousjammer

hell yeah! a fellow Vinyl collector. Lots of video games in there, too. and yes, a Dreamcast is totally a must-have.

Posted by Winternet

nice..Giantbomb cribz should expand to the other cribz

Posted by HairyToeKnuckles

Thanks for letting us into your home, Ryan. Everyone else at GiantBomb needs to follow suit now. I desperately have to see Vinnie's place. heh

Posted by Harknett

No man should have that much black velvet art.

Posted by Nasar7

Major street cred for the dreamcast, the vinyl, and the pee-wee stuff.

Posted by Redfield

I really like your home, Ryan

Posted by Lustreplush

Much love for the Young Ones DVD set.

The big question is:  How long did you take to prepare for the video shoot (hiding unmentionables, moving certain items away from the computer, scrubbing out zombie brains), or is you house always that clean?
Posted by Jensonb

Cribz is back! It's like Giant Bombing Live!

Incidentally: Giant Bombing Live should totally be a thing now. You know what I'm talking about.

Posted by Segafan

Ah, tsuttsukibako.  I almost forgot about that crazy "poke box," haha.

Posted by lorddessan

I want to see jeff's and brad's houses,too

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I love that Rapture poster!
I really wish i could get a poster like that.

Posted by HT101

A nice collection there Ryan.

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You're home is really inviting.
As in 'a regular guy's residence'.
I'd love to come by and play some hefty Soul Calibur on the Sega DreamCast with you.
And as lorddessan stated before... i'd like to see where Jeff, Brad and Vinny reside as well.

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Sweet pad, looks comfortable. Like the wood paneling and that Pacman clock. The clown is pretty cool too.

+1 - Dreamcast.

Posted by JoelTGM

wow, nice game set up

Posted by FallenFatKid

need that tv

Posted by Azteck

Your house looks very.. awesome to be honest.

Can I move in? ._.

Posted by DazzHardy

It's probably been said a bunch already, but this kinda weird yet awesome stuff is why Giant Bomb wins so much.

Posted by Jiquk
Jeff Brad and vinny should do this aswell.
Posted by ghostNPC

Velvet painting? Never heard that before... sounds interesting.

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Nice crib Ryan, sweet setup.

This is why Giantbomb wins !!

Posted by andrewf87462

I want that frog!!!

Also, we need to see the other staffer's Cribs!!
Posted by Berkie

That was very insightful Ryan, now with the information you have provided, I think I know exactly where your home is........just kidding big guy! Or am I? Nah, I am...

Posted by kennybaese

Hey he has Yoda in his office. Everyone should have Yoda in their office.

Posted by Th3_James

Damn i am loving that camel, and rapture art

Posted by phlegms

That frog can dance like a mo' fo....fo sho...

Posted by floodiastus

Wow really looks like an old lady lives there, the furniture omg :O

Posted by Reetesh

You have a shelf with so many games RIGHT NEXT to the front door. Which is VERY unsafe.. also, your macbook is very close to the Window. If you leave it open by mistake then its bye bye macbook!

I just hope you've got good security for the house coz everything's like OPEN!

Posted by CharkeeFarlee

I wanna see brads house!

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Posted by Infinityslimit

Cool phat crib lol

Posted by mariomaster12

you should show the whole house!!!!