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Froggy when a rapping and he did ride mmmhmmm. mmmhmmm.

Posted by WreckinRodRumbler

Oh god, I gleamed with happiness when I saw that you have the entire Freaks and Geeks box set. One of the greatest shows ever makes a cameo appearance in one of the greatest sites ever!

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What's in the fridge dawg?

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@Ineedaname: Are you joking. Because seriously if you aren't GTFO. How the balls can someone justify themselves trying to start a flame war in the comment page of a video walkthrough of a house.
If your are kidding . . . I need to learn to take a joke.

Cool vid. GB is probably the only site where I have actually seen where the people who work there live.
Posted by IshimuraD

that was pretty cool actually. Nice house :P

Are we gonna see the rest of the Giantbomb crew's Cribz?

Posted by jakob187

What Ryan didn't show you was Brad oiled up naked in the bedroom...  KINKY!!!

Posted by TrakMastaTom

Paul's Boutique!

Posted by Quartersawn

So sweet, thanks for the tour. Next time give us a tour of that Camry.

Posted by Lazlow

damn that frog is awesome

Posted by Jared

Cool video, you have a crap load of DVD's! I think I seen Lord of the Rings Online in the PC games section? Good pick!

Posted by TheClap

Cool cool. But I would have liked to see what's in your fridge! 

Posted by Not_Rage

Why wasn't your tv playing Scarface?

Posted by Agnogenic_delete

Nice house!

Posted by tak

Loving these short behind the scenes videos.

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Where do we come from? Where are we going? What's the meaning of life? Why is that guy looking the opposite direction from his camel's? The big mysteries of life.

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Dang yo, Ryan's cash flow must be phat. Especially to have a place that nice and spacious in CA

Posted by AllanIceman

Love it Ryan! Who is next!

Posted by Wright

pretty ballin' place! you shoulda totally shown the bathroom though, since that's where the REAL business goes down, amirite? ohohoho! ZIIIING

Posted by SenatorSpacer

Nice house man, I demand we have one of the staffs house!

Posted by ScriptKitty

"Every room is where the magic happens"

Ryan, you're such a stud.

Posted by Colonel_Fury

I enjoyed this vid, it would be cool to see more if the guys were comfortable showing off their homes. I also remember Jeff doing a cribs like thing for gamespot way back in the day. 

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Dude, I live in a studio apartment in a crappy neighborhood. Do you need a roommate or know if anyone around there does?

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Nice house.  I hope you have an alarm system though.  A thief wouldn't have to go far to find the good stuff.

Posted by ColdsnapBryan

You keep a clean house, nice 

Posted by Carlidus

Ryan, you're too friggin' cool.

Posted by Crono

This was sweet.  Ryan, invite me over sometime, that couch needs filled in.

Posted by John

You should sell this to mtv, market it as: MTV CRIBZ: West Coast Gamer Edition. We could get Ice T or X to the Z to be the one asking, "yo dawg where the unnecessary lcds?/where the 29" rims on every car ever made?/So what prestige are ya on CoD4?"

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Black velvet paintings are awesome.

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DUDE!!! RYAN I HAVE THE SAME COUCH!!! It's so comfy. :) Also, nice crib! I just closed on my first and will be moving in tomorrow morning bright and early. I can only hope I'll be able to make my place as epic as yours.  Thanks for the tour :)

BTW these videos are great! Keep em coming!!!

Posted by ZmillA

Like how the games are in 2 steps of the front door...    ......

Posted by corgorav

Nice house and nice Bioshock painting.

Posted by skeeter1255

great video......pass the idea on!

Posted by Babble

Awesome video!

Posted by imayellowfellow

lol Haze is one of the bare essentials?

Posted by sdauz

soooooooo many games....DUDE

Posted by mudkip9000

YES!  This is AWESOME.  Also, you have more wii games than PS3?  Wow.

Posted by cyrax

Thanks for the tour, Ryan.

Posted by bjorno

where is the crystal?

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

MORE CRIBZ VIDEOS PLEASE!!!   i wanna see Jeff's cribz next : )

Posted by Sparkster

RYAN DAVIS, it does not seem anyone has given you enough credit in the comments.  You still have your dreamcast hooked up, not only that but you have the full box set of Samba de Amigo.  YOU'RE A GOD!!!!  This just blows my mind...... hopefully the rest of the crew will have quick videos as well :)

Posted by JJRage

"Actively" playing Haze, eh? Ha!

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@Ineedaname: I really hope that was sarcasm in the end, there...

Ryan, very nice house. A great look into the lives of my favorite video game journalist types. I'd love it if you convinced the others to do something similar.
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Dude, I am WAY jealous of the Bioshock painting! And way to keep the Dreamcast alive. That is 24/7 Power Stone access right there! Sweet Crib! 

Posted by Krelle

Almost right, Ryan. It would probably translate to "poke box" (unless they just figured finger box sounds better and use that translation).

Posted by albedos_shadow

I am coming to your house and stealing that Bioshock poster.

Posted by mussbus999

Haha Pac-Man clock is raw

Posted by CashBailey
Casa De-Davis!!

Posted by Otzlowe

Your house is an invariable treasure trove of goodies.

Posted by EndrzGame

This is what I love about this sight, the personal touch. Yeah I'm sure we could all be our own type of smart ass but when it comes to games we all share a passion for them and this is the place to be if you want to talk about the games. None of the 'who sold more than who-who's sueing who over which property' type of bullshit. I really like seeing these videos 'cause even though we are all different, we see how we're all very much alike. I smiled ear to ear when I saw your Dreamcast hooked up, just like I still have mine work'n-right next to my SNES. I feel like if I were to see one of you guys on the street you'd be very aproachable to just say 'hey, love the sight' and maybe ask a few questions and EAT YOUR BRAINS....err....PICK your brains on what's go'n on. Keep it up guys.