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Posted by ahriman22

My jaw dropped when I saw the games.

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Awesome house!

Posted by musdy

I want that bobblehead!!!

Posted by destruktive

I want more vids like this for all the other people at giantbomb.

go do!

Posted by ThePantheon
@destruktive: i'm seconding this notion. GB Cribz Edition GO TEAM
Posted by FlamingHobo

Seriously kick ass house, it makes me actually want to move out and set up my own place! Unforunately... I am 14. /sadface

Posted by Death_Pigeon

WOW Now I know how to racks his joint

Posted by loserkid962

this is how babies are made..

Posted by QueenViper
I love how Ryan completely avoided his bedroom, I mean come on he talks about magic happening in the living room couches and the desk chair.. Why not the bed? Haha Nah you got a nice ass house Ryan, or did.
Posted by Droop

Still not seen the other guys' houses :<

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Sweet crib! People really underestimate it, but I think it's interesting to take a look at everyday life. It'll be fun to watch documents of stuff like that in 10-20 years time.

Posted by spaded
@Ineedaname: write, not right :D sorry had to :D
Posted by LucyGlitter

Oh god. Black Velvet art... Ryan is so 80s kitch.

Posted by zyn

Thanks again Ryan!

Posted by defunctdefunctdefunnnnnct

I wish I had a bobblehead of myself :).

Posted by craigbo180

Wow I stumbled upon a treasure trove of old videos. Ryan is such a baller it's insane!

Posted by Pop

Holy crap, I've never seen this video, that's awesome, I was looking at the incredible crisis page cause I heard about it on a unprofessional fridays.

Posted by csl316

"Here are the bare essentials."

*shelf includes Haze*

Posted by peritus

This is pretty hard to watch now. :( Dude had some kick ass posters.

Posted by Applekid

I really miss you Ryan. Never spoke to you or knew you personally but I liked having your videos in my life.