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Speed Hotdog, that was great.

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Two pages of comments and no mention of Rich Gallup? For shame!

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I wish more games used SpeedTree, its awesome middleware.

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Speed Tree guy was awesome.

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The Legendary SpeedTree Interview!  The Prophets were right!  Infinite glee!

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@Ryan said:
" Big ups to Steve at SpeedTree, who endured my petulant line of questioning with grace and composure. If I were actually in the market for a SpeedTree license, that would've been a SALE. "
SpeedTree endurance run
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Ryan is a total jerk. I love it.

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Speed tree was the best part.

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Was that a crotch shot of Nomad?

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You guys are awesome!

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 awesome video! I enjoy you take on events and the editing!

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GB videos just keep getting better!

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Vinny is getting pretty damn good at making these videos.

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That was a fantastic video, gentlemen. Big ups to Vinny and/or Drew. Who ever edited it, well done!

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"Look, Autodesk!" 
xD love ya Jeff, your the man.

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You're damned right I was blogging away. Blogging away and eating those little chicken skewers. God, those were good.

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@hrpff said:
" Perhaps a speed... weed? "
I was hoping ryan would lean in and go "what about...illegal  trees?"
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OMG, the opening is hilarious! Great Speedtree interview too.

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That was the best speed tree coverage I've ever seen.

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Rich, nice Ron Burgundy impression. "Who the hell put a question mark at the end of year?"

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Speed Tree interview was obviously the best part but the hamster ball was good too though.

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Loved the autodesk dream sequence/montage at the end. 3DSMAX 4 LIFE!

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I wanna be in that rolling sphere of doom. I wonder if it would fit in my living room?

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I'm KnifeySpoony of giantbomb.com and this is my favorite GDC video on the Citadel.
Also nice to see Rich, the event looked like genuine good fun.

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Man, this is some fantastic video editing.

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That was fucking awesome.  I want more videos like this dammit!

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more like SpeedDurgers

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awesome vid GB

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Fucking goddamn brilliant. 

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rich closing!

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The Hampster Ball thing was on the Show Shark Tank. They were talking about teaming up with the Army.

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That tree was fast as shit.

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can't wait for KWiKdog to come out

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Nice video. Speed Tree seemed...pretty awesome, actually.
Nice ending too, the editing was pretty good and Rich is always welcome.

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Autodesk doesn't judge.

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Finally, the comprehensive interview on Speedtree I needed!!!!

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I cannot express in words how much I love these on location videos you guys do.
The coveted SpeedTree interview was probably the highlight, but it was damn close. Jeff and Ryan constantly competing with one another in deadpan humor is always a barrel of laughs.

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I feel kinda bad for the speedtree guy but still :)

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I could watch GDC coverage all day. I need more!

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I think that is the best video coverage of GDC on any site. Ever. Only Giant Bomb would dive deep into the trenches to get the latest news on speed treeing and ball running. Thank you, GB!

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Speed tree is pretty cool.

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Playing video games with a cereal box is the future! The next time I have $10,000 I'm definitely going to invest it into fast trees. Coming soon is GiantBall.com lol. School would've been much better with an Automatic desk LOL. Rich Gallup!!!!!!!!!    

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So, all this time I wondered what exactly SpeedTree is and apparently it is literally trees made fast.

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Awesome, enjoyed the ending. :)
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Last bit was damn funny.