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Posted by Molenator85

I love great evils.

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Why is Jeff not wearing a QR code?!

edit: best start! Also, what about #DRIVECLUB?

Posted by AMyggen

Fuck yeah, was hoping GB would do a longer floor video or two from GDC. Always some of my favourite content on the site!

Posted by TrafalgarLaw

Almost got dragged into the Lang Zone, almost.

Posted by TurboMan

It's so good to see this kind of content again.

Posted by Demoskinos

This is not a Dark Souls video. :(

Posted by dOm_CaTz
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Posted by Arrested_Developer

I legit choked on my burrito at the Dave Lang reveal in the beginning. Y'ALL ALMOST KILLED ME. At least I would have gone out doing what I loved.

Posted by RonGalaxy

Oh my god, that thing at the beginning was perfect! didnt notice dave at all until it happened.

Posted by EricSmith

The TVs at this event make me want a new TV.

Posted by pinner458

Appreciate the interviews guys but the best part of this video is definitely Dave Lang.

Posted by shinboy630

ID@Xbox...oh hey look Windows and not an xbox!

Posted by Juno

Be wary, Lang Zone ahead!

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wish there was more of this edited sort of out and about content

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That was great.

Posted by SketchAEtch

Well, I'm pretty sure I lost a few years of my life to the Lang Zone.

Warning next time guys? Please?

Posted by EmuLeader

#IDARB reminds me of a sports friends game.

Posted by RE_Player1

@turboman said:

It's so good to see this kind of content again.

This. Love event coverage.

Posted by AMyggen

I did not expect Roundabout to sound and look like a cool game from what I'd heard of the concept, but here we are.

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As soon as I read "A great evil lurks nearby" I thought "I bet that's about Dave Lang", hahaha.

Posted by mjk0104

I really don't know how I feel about QR codes on shirts like that... Although I suppose if your games name is a hashtag it makes a small amount of sense...

Posted by AMyggen

@itwastuesday: So does Jeff, that's part of the reason why he has pushed so hard to hire more people.

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Dat Lang stare made me lose part of my soul.

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What about #DRIVECLUB?

Posted by endaround

This is not a Dark Souls video. :(

There is no soul darker than Dave Lang

Posted by Asmo917

I love seeing people who are enthusiastic about the stuff they're making get a chance to be kind of unscripted like this. Mike Mika essentially saying to all of Jeff's crazy ideas "Yeah, that might be insane but hell, we'll try it!' was just refreshing.

Also, Dave Lang's background reaction to "There are a lot of interesting games here...and then there's Divekick is priceless.

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Except that Jeff was the other back-stabbing traitor, Pat actually deserved getting a comment off at his (actually probably real buddy) Mr. Lang. Evil vile under-handed things were spoken of Pat when he left the Bomb-cast. Things that would make your ears catch fire! It was Pat's turn now to fire off a salvo.

I think I will watch more of this, though I am wondering where The DS 2 show is today by Brad Vinny and Rorie.. I just lost a whole lot (a level's worth) in Demon Souls, and need something to take my mind off of it....

Posted by Awcko

Yoco IS eSports.

Posted by mrwolf710

I was like La la la, enjoying the video, and hey is that Dave La - AAGGGGHHH!

Posted by xantar

But was Dan wearing Thongs? The mystery will continue.

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Why does the Small Businessman's intern make a weird appearance at the start of the video?

Posted by machinerebel

Awesome! Good to see some of Drew's editing prowess once again.

Posted by SomeJerk

No time to get anybody checking out Project Morpheus?

Posted by TheHT

Love these event videos. I kinda hope the #IDARB folks patch over their game with a whole new game, even if it's just for a day or a week before they just make the new game a separate mode or something.

Posted by csl316

Hell yes, edited event videos.

But Dave Lang is 2 spooky 4 me.

Posted by Alyssia

I couldn't stop watching Jeff play Fru while Patrick was talking to the designer about Fru. Don't think he finished that level.

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Some cool looking games!

Posted by graf1k

That Fru game looked like a legitimately neat use of the Kinect.

Posted by ll_Exile_ll

With as great as GB's actual produced content is it's really a shame there's hardly ever any of it.

Posted by ghostNPC

Glad to see these guys out and about again. Damn these games look fun.

Posted by flameboy84

Really like this content. So much better than every other floor walk video. Helped by your personalities as always!

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Dave Lang up to no good!

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Langzone'd... Langzoned? LZ'd? #LangZone

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It's great to see this kind of content. Here's hoping for more like it!

Posted by rcath

great job Drew.

Posted by Vuud

This Lang character and his facebook games seem real scummy. Not sure I like him.

Posted by CornBREDX

Some awesome looking games!

Good to see Dan is still using FMV even though hes not with twisted pixel anymore. That's very important for the space time continuum... and stuff