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Been waiting for this!

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Sweet been looking forward to this 

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Yes! Finally!

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Neat-o. Also, I approve of watching Toy Story on planes, and of Pierce Brosnan in advertising. 

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 Dude, Brad, I'm so jealous it's hard to put it into words, I am totally going to attend future MLG and GSL competitions, damn the expense and lost vacation days.
The PC Bang looks like they're taking you into some smokey mob back room to play high stakes poker, down some stairs in a basement, but it's for computers! That's so awesome, what a crazy culture.
More Collosus Brad, more! Aww.
That arena is so fat! Fire and huge screens and sealed pods. I think he's crying into his hands, damn. The music is so bad ass, good work editing. NO WAY fuckin Idra? That guy is a rage quitting douche, but all hail. That's interesting those guys actually physically go to country to learn, I get this imagery of secretive Starcraft monks in monastaries wearing Terran robes teaching the young grasshopper foreigners the ways of the four gate.
Can't wait for the Team Liquid Dojo footage, great stuff guys.

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Hooah. Wow, you wear glasses, Brad. I've never seen that before. Makes you look all smart. Is that new or have I just not noticed it before?

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Lmfao at "Good luck have batman" 

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Sweet. Thanks for this really cool content. Go brad!!

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Great use of music in this video, Drew!

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I have played in gaming cafes for 6 years... that's why when I buy a game I want 50hours for my $50 :) so... games like Trine, Limbo and such aren't on my to buy list.

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aishhhh shiii aisshhhh assshihihih asihhhibbball kae saekiyaaa!!!!!

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Fucking yes. 
Don't ask when Brad can die in a video, ask where Brad can die in a video!! 
EDIT: So I take it there's more videos about Korea to come? The stuff about the SC2 dojo isn't in there.

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I know nothing about Starcraft, but still interesting.

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I really hope this isn't the only video of their trip. We want to see everything!

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NICE. Been waiting for this video! 

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lol best part 
brad: glhb 
korean: ?

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$775m is nothing, it costs that much just to rent a arena for a party.

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 annyeong haseyo~

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Sweeet! Can't wait to watch this.

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Been looking foward to this

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Oh shit, Bob Colyaco?


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I recognise that guy they went to the pc bang with. Did he work at gamespot previously?

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Is it a Blue Hawaiians song at the beginning?

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Anyone know what is up with those 3 icons that are always displayed on the end of match dialog box in the Korean version of Starcraft 2?

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superb job on the editing!!

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brad:  glhb
some dude:  ?
spreading the giant bomb-ness over the world!

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OOOH man this is gunna be exciting.

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This is fucking insane!

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This was really cool. Great use of music, so props to the editors! 
I hope to see more international stuff from GiantBomb in the future!

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I honestly wish I was there watching the finals live. I bet I'd like it more than watching football (soccer)!

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They actually get interviews with nestea? Great !

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I know nothing of starcraft but that was a great interview with Nestea.

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This video is totally awesome. Thanks Brad and Drew for going. And yay for Blizz taking them over there. I really liked this.

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I love how far the $775 Million joke has made it.

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glhb. of course!

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Don't I remember hearing Brad describe Idra as a "giant dick"? Awkward. 
Cool footage.