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I love Giant Bomb. Keep the videos coming!

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lol I commented. :D

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Triple A! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

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good stuff

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Giant Bomb, i love this site. Honest good reporting.

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I would buy that CD...

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lol sponsors ftw!!!!
anyways pot pies are awesome... I have the Maricalender chicken pot pies! Those are awesome!!!

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You don't amass much of a crowd.

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wonder woman is a lady, lol

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I would buy that album!

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I think we need to see a Giant Bomb band. Jeff used to be a rock star right?

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Good video wrap up; lets hope next year you guys get to go.

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Shake... it... baby?

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So unprofessional.

Keep it up.

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Love is not a threat! Stand down!

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Brad has the manliest sideburns known to man.

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Phil Reno rocked that shit.


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thanks guys for a very comprehensive yet entertaining wrap-up.

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Dude, I will buy that CD!!

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I did the lead Vocals actually

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A lot of vids came out this week. And it was awwwwwright.

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good work

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Nice one fellas

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Nice wrap-up.

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The "commercial" in the middle was brilliant.

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I want the acoustic break music!

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Good wrap-up. Keeping it classy for this video after you pretty much cursed out everyone who reviewed Too Human in the last video. That's cool. I get it.

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Arne smells a little fanboiii (jeff!)

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Thanks for that, dudes. Leipzig coverage this year has been pretty shoddy ... outside of Germany that is.

Keep all that news-type stuff coming.

As an aside, I'd like to see Jeff and Brad finally just have it out, 360 vs. PS3 fanboy styles. You KNOW they do it off camera. Why not share the love?
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Nice to have money to throw around to buy a new PSP because of slight differences.

I'm still waiting for the prices to go down on the basic new gen consoles :P

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I so what that CD!

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I want that album dude, great vid :)

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Loving the new site and loving the video content :)

Perhaps investment into a sofa would be worthwhile though, that doorway doesn't look too comfortable :p

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from what i saw and read about heavy rain, its actually going to be really cool and very entertaining. you can play the same level a 100 times and apparently have a different story. in one she dies, in another shes kills this guy, in another she hides and escapes death, in another she straight sneaks out avoiding all confrontation. its a little lame but then its cool because its a lot like watching a tv show your in control of. 

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Awesome video!  NEED MORE VIDEOS!!!

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Apparently Nintendo is now irrelevant. Sweet Video Guys!

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Jeff looks a little rough in this one.  Hard night?

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<3 <3 <3 *whistles the catchy tune*

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Was that Vinnys brother???

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That "take a break music", I fucking love it.
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Don't you dare create a demand for a product that you won't deliver on. Listen to all the fans! We need that CD!

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I want a german pot pie, too.

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Giant Bomb has the best video game commentary on the net... or anywhere else for that matter. Keep it up guys.

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You should've shot this in front of the green screen and make it look like you're in Leipzig!

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Haha GiantBomb videos rule. I want the CD man.