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Posted by MannAlive

"Monkeys sell themselves."

Truer words have never been spoken.

Posted by Trnck

I abandoned gamespot for you guys, you better do it better!

Posted by Epic

Im suprised how uninformed they are about some of the things. They should do a better job of researching the actual info and not just reading a list of things and saying whatever.

Posted by lockload

Lol brad should probably watch some of the trailers for the games he does work for a games site afterall..

Posted by CrazyGamer

Great vid guys, awesome as always :) But why the hate on heavy rain? That game looks rad.

Posted by enigma

Yo Soy Lucha (I live on the second floor) lol I laffed for 5 minutes. Never not funny.

Posted by JQuizzle

i hope next time they watch the trailers they are talking about!

Posted by Zergvasion

Nuff said.

Posted by Mohawki

sweet guys, awesome :)

Posted by dagas

The new Tanya has blond hair WTF!? Besides that though I'm quite exited, Sulu (George Takei) is in the game and Peter Stormare continuing the tradition of Swedes playing Russians just like Dolph Lundgren did that Russian boxer in Rocky IV and Isabella Scorupco played the Russian chic in Goldeneye.

Posted by kitsune_conundrum

david hasselhoff and eagle. where is that from? man this revolving pic system is so full of win.

Posted by Vash_The_Stampede

No budget for tickets...LOL

Posted by stephengotlost

Phil Reno looks like a cross between Ryan and Vinny.

Posted by poheroe

this guys are awesome!!

Posted by Meowayne

What's with the Hasselhoff?

Posted by peerLAN

Great as always, but you didn't mention Hearts of Iron 3 which was announced and will be awesome.

Posted by albedos_shadow


Posted by shintsurugi

Dude, I would totally buy that soundtrack. Like, eight times.

Posted by PLWolf

Hey, I have 70 people on my friends list!! hehe
Oh and the one game this PS3 chat pad will work great for, is Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds. I play it all the time and it's text chat only. ;)

Posted by Natural_DeadHead23

You guys rule

Posted by ObsideonDarman

lololololol - "And now a Word from our Sponsers"

Posted by donaldkhogan

Jeff, dude...the D-pad does indeed blow on the 360.  I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally hit a diagonal instead of up or down.  LAAAAAAAAME

Posted by Y2Ken

I play Pro Evo Soccer with the d-pad personally, but I know people who do use the analogue stick.

Nice video.

Posted by Koopa_kid12

Yes, the D-pad sux big time! Let me give you a real life recap of what i said today whilst playing turok.

"Gotcha! Stupid overgrown fish!" (Clicks left on D-pad) "No i want the F***ing flamethrower, not knife!" (DIES) ARRRGGGHHH!!!!! Stupid thing! Bashes TV......Now my hand is still numb half a day later.........

Posted by slowpantz

great vid

Posted by pisk

I don't care for Europe bashing, but why is Brat so against xbox? But it works well when Jeff is around, they talk about something that they wouldn't if there was no anti-xbox Brad. That should be his trademark. I think that there is even an unwritten rule that there has to be at least one person in a group of two or more people, who writes Microsoft with the $ symbol.

Posted by Luchen

I'm loving the acoustic version of the break music. WHERE CAN I GET IT?!

Posted by Shabran


Posted by code305

those 2 are good pairs in videos

Posted by ducksick
@HairyMike87: PENIS
Posted by Imensae


Posted by KarlPilkington

Welcome to 2011.

Posted by Daiphyer


Posted by WaylonJennings

@Daiphyer: Nah son, I'm last.

Posted by posh


Posted by seamuspaxman

Pff, I'm the last one.

Posted by ThePantheon