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A great suuuuuper long show! <>

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Vinny being gone now feels official. :-(

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That segment Ed Boon was fantastic. With just him it was transfixing to go deep and discuss various topics. A nice contrast to the bedlam of certain guest segments and the solid interplay of others.

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I feel so dumb trying all the codes.

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@ripelivejam: I just looked at that time and went holy shit I am so glad that I did not try to stay up and watch this for the first time this E3. But I probably couldn't Following E3 from Europe is a fucking killer, I was barely conscious all yesterday.

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For those staring wide-eyed at the run time, it does come in quite a bit lower than 5 hours, thanks to breaks between guests that you can happily skip through.

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Small Business Man you are a Wizard!
Thanks for posting this so quickly.

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@kishinfoulux: What? Why? Giant Bomb fans can be such drama queens sometimes.

Anyways, fucking great show. Every segment was fantastic and this is probably my favourite GB E3 night show ever. And my favourite GB E3 ever. Great, great work from everyone involved, GB wins E3!

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Great e3 is over... after this 5 hour video

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I wish Ed Boon was my friend. ;_;

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This community overreacts like no other.

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Kinda wish I had caught all of this live, rather than just the first segment with Ed Boon.

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@slindz said:


This community overreacts like no other.

It's alright. I used to think so too but then I'll go over to GameSpot or any other place to watch a trailer or something and through some sort of masochistic urge I decide to skim through the comments.. Let me tell you, GiantBomb is alright.

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Ed Boon is the best. Great job @patrickklepek and @alex and everyone else at Giant Bomb for doing these shows. It's been a great E3.

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Jeff had a depersonalisation episode whilst watching Advanced Warfare.

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Again, awesome content. Love the Vlambeer guy.

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This has been some awesome coverage this year. While E3 2014 wasn't exactly a huge smash, Giant Bomb's coverage was better than ever. The "We're Talking Over..." shows made the press conferences WAY more enjoyable than in year's past. On top of that, Jeff has made himself a great host for the E3 night shows. I felt like it would be difficult this year with Ryan gone but Jeff did a great job with holding down the fort and the rest of the guys got some great guests through their booking. Cheers, you guys!

(Also, Rami Ismail is great. Great to see him show up in-person after his recent Bombin' the AM appearance.)

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That question about doubt that Jeff asked ignited an amazing conversation. That was great.

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yeah, in case patrick or anyone reads this, the coverage was great overall, great guests, great videos, giant bomb really pulled together a killer e3 show. yea, sure, some people will bitch and some things could've been better, but 99.9% super fuckin tight.

0,1% is what i call the 'lang factor'

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I was mesmerised by Alexander Sliwinski's feet during the whole second segment.

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@slindz said:


This community overreacts like no other.

It's only because we care. :)

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For all you guys and gals who don't feel like watching holding patterns:

Part 1

Start: 0:00:00

End: 0:45:22

Part 2

Start: 1:07:55

End: 2:05:29

Part 3

Start: 2:28:42

End: 3:17:29

Part 4

Start: 4:00:21

End: 5:06:16

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@mjhealy: Yeah, Jeff's hosting this year can't be praised enough. He did a really fantastic job.

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@amyggen: He's not Ryan level, but he's getting there.

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@humanity: Yeah, for sure. Remember the comments on that GTA V review? Hooooly shit!

A good rule of thumb is that as a site grows, the community will get worse. Of course the core of the community will still be there, but you also get a lot more trolls and assholes when it's a bigger, less "personal" community. GB during E3 is a prime example: The trolls popped up in the chat a lot more than normal because more people than normal watched the show.

Gamespot hasn't really had a community in years now. The forums are completely dead, the part that's still active is the "System Wars" section which is just a den of horrible posts. I remember laughing when GS announced that they were doing things to get a more civil discussion on the site, yet they kept open that forum which invites fanboyism and worse. Another example of "bigger is worse" is Reddit: The main parts of Reddit are often just awful, but smaller subreddits can have some of the best discussions of any internet forum.

The GB community isn't perfect, and the chat can get toxic, but it's Incredible compared to most other active internet communities I've been a part of.

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@amyggen: Man the Witcher 3 livestream - NOW THAT.. oh man.. that chat was just like the worst stereotypes of online communities all shouting at the same time. Sometimes I see people exaggerate on GB or get into really nonsensical arguments, but it takes just one visit to some other site to really, really appreciate what we have here.

The only other civil gaming community I've ever been a part of was the SomethingAwful forums where moderation is extremely strict and it works in favor of everyone.

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@criven: Awesome, thanks so much for adding those! :D

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More awesome podcasts/shows and E3 coverage has been great.

Also Ed Boon is the man!

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Absolutely amazing guests, well done! Could not have enjoyed the night E3 shows more.

(Giantbomb needs more Jeff Cannata and Garnett Lee in it's life)

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@humanity: For as much shit as NeoGAF gets here, I'd add that to the mix too. That forum is by far the biggest gaming forum on the internet, and is astonishingly civil when you take that size into account. Moderation that can feel a bit draconian at times surely helps. Both of those communities are also helped by a higher barrier to entry than normal: You have to pay to be part of SA, and NeoGAF has a wait of several months to get an account. People will be less inclined to troll when it's not just as simple as creating an account, which puts those forums in a bit of a priviliged position (both also have huge Giant Bomb communities, GAF especially with the E3 thread alone getting over 600k views and 9000 posts).

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ed boon segment is great, what a class act

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Great last day! Ed boon seems like a real great guy.

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I feel a sleep halfway through this last night ahahah - sorry to fellow mods - hope it was OK in chat. I mean how could people be rude to Rami!! Excited to watch the rest :D

<> Great E3 once again GB!

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@bacongames: It's always really interesting when Ed Boon is given the calm and time to just chat.

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Great to see such a long video on the site. Wish I enjoyed watching most of these people talk :/

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Man, poor Paul Barnett. Cheer up, Charlie.

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Many thanks for the quick uploads, that was really helpful for me.

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The end of E3 always makes me miserable. I've been watching GameSpot's live coverage for 10 years and no matter how crummy a demo can be or how much the show floor looks like it sucks to actually be in, I always wish I was there and I always miss it when it's over.

It's even worse after the fact when everyone else thinks it was an ok E3 and I'm sitting here thinking it was amazing.

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How long has Jonathan Blow had hair?

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lol dem zoom ins doe

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5 hours? You guys are awesome!

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Awesome coverage. Jeff, I'm Cuban let's make GiantBomb Cuba happen I can help with logistics.

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@amyggen said:

@kishinfoulux: What? Why? Giant Bomb fans can be such drama queens sometimes.

Anyways, fucking great show. Every segment was fantastic and this is probably my favourite GB E3 night show ever. And my favourite GB E3 ever. Great, great work from everyone involved, GB wins E3!

Because we probably won't see him on camera for a while? Ease up sailor.

@ilikeost said:

@kishinfoulux: But he isn't gone...

Obviously not, but who knows when we'll see content from him and the East coast crew. And it's not going to be the same, as having him in office.

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Guys, Kojima stole the "smoking to make time pass" mechanic from Deadly Premonition... has any other game done that?

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Wow! Jeff and Geoff are killing it. Nice to finally see some real discussion. Jeff is pretty good too.