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So many feels, I can barely keep them in.

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I want to thank you guys for seemingly being back to "normal", even if its just for the camera- it helps a lot. It's weird how much someone you never met can mean so much to you, and you just don't realize it.

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I love Giant Bomb.

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Now you have to have someone send you sports cars. That's the next logical step from RPG's.

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@mjhealy said:

Content in a post-Ryan world? Am I ready?

I'm not. Not seeing Ryan there fucking hurt.

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Hmm, that is a lot of flowers. *digital hug*

Jeff holding the chocolate digestives and not understanding what they are.

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This is amazing. Glad to know you guys are doing well.

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@vrikk said:
EDIT: Maybe not with Jeff seeming to be so stoic and "meh" as usual... Jesus, we are trying to help.

Come on, cut the guy some slack. What did you expect, that he's goign to jump on table and to a little "thank you" dance? ;)

Also: choclate oranges are actually DELICIOUS

First off: I agree. Chocolate oranges are delicious as fuck.

Secondly: I know Jeff isn't very emotional, and I know this week has fucking sucked for him, but maybe I was looking for gratitude. I dunno. The community has reached out immensely.

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Giantbomb fans; you're alright.

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Desk is so empty.. even with all the flowers there's still a hole there. <3 you crew, good to see you again though.

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@vrikk: Dude, come on. He doesn't owe you anything.

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The killer is knowing most of the booze was most likely sent for for Ryan as wedding present's. He was the scotch drinker and that is several hundred dollars in fine scotch

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Some good whisky there, Ryan would have approved.

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Seeing what looked like a cue card saying that Tuesdays will never be the same made me choke up.

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I love you all. (Brad please don't become an alcoholic)

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Great to see all the flowers & thanks to everyone for those along with the mailbags.

Sidenote-candied oranges are good, chocolate is good but together this combination is just plain mental. Had many different things combining citrus & chocolate with all of them being stuff I never want to try a 2nd time. Whoever thought of the chocolate orange should be introduced to the business end of a catapult.

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I just want to watch Vinny smelling flowers.

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@vrikk: Dude, come on. He doesn't owe you anything.

Never said he did. Just making an observation. Thought it was odd, is all.

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That uk snack pack is all killer, no filler. Digestives are kinda like what you guys call graham crackers, but nicer.

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Those are some gooood UK snacks.

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Giant Bomb stands strong!

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Great idea, I'll pour myself a Talisker... here's to you, Ryan! And here's to Giant Bomb for being so amazing, cheers! Love you guys!

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I looooove you guys, users and staff alike! <3

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Keep on going guys. Don't stop the train.

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I fucking love you guys <3

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Love ya guys! good to see that everyone is smiling.

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What, am I supposed to eat these and poo?

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It won't ever be the same, but you guys are still amazing.

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Seeing this update put a huge smile on my face. Much love to you guys!

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seeing that desk with no ryan just fucking sucks ass

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It's good to see the dudes fighting on.

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Who's the dude in the mask?

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My chest still gets tight every time I come to the site but it's nice to see you guys in a new video.

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It's funny seeing biscuits and crisps I consider mundane being looked on with great suspicion. You guys should try them all for sure! Digestives are great for dipping in tea.

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Digestives are a type of biscuit, or what you would call a cookie I guess. They are banned from being called Digestives in america because they're not aides to digestion. They are resilient biscuits that used to be consumed on ships since they would last long journeys.

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You people are all awesome. I love you, guys!

Rest in peace, Ryan.

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Seeing you guys put on the brave faces and making the odd joke is really inspiring. Thanks guys, and thanks to the community for being the embodiment of the human spirit in this cesspool of a place that we call the internet. I'll miss you Ryan.

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It's good to see you guys again!

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@drewbert the talisker is the one you and Patrick got in Iceland at the meet up. I think Ryan would like it, it is an excellent single malt.

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Content makes my heart feel good.

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Well done guys.

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This is the most British-ass mailbag ever.

So weird to hear Jeff mis-pronounce so many common items. Bizarre and equally hilarious.

That empty desk though... God damn. God damn.

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I guess I'll be the guy who says no, I don't like beer.

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This brought a big all :D to my face

Also yall should do an alcholocaust were they all just start drinking EVERYTHING

and get Rorie to DM some of these roleplaying games

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those British snacks are the best!!

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Digestives are a type of biscuit, or what you would call a cookie I guess. They are banned from being called Digestives in america because they're not aides to digestion. They are resilient biscuits that used to be consumed on ships since they would last long journeys.

You Brits are weird :P, just call em cookies haha

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@deadlydog: Whatever man, it's medical. Got a license for it and erythang.