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Good to see you guys showered and clean. Don't forget to take care of yourselves- eat well and moderate that scotch!!

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Cube World!

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It's nice to see you guys in a video, I can't imagine how difficult all of this is, but I'm glad to see all of this support is helping.

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You all are heroes to me.

Thank you, for everything.


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I gotta say, I couldn't look at the Jaffa Cake without thinking of Stargate SG-1, and what a Stargate SG-1 related ad for those cakes would be like.

My mind goes in weird directions occasionally.

@deegee said:

It's super weird seeing the most generic, run of the mill, everyday British food here being looked at like it's exotic.

You can't walk anywhere in England without tripping over a Jaffa Cake.

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Onward and upward amigos! ALL HAIL THE LUCHADEER

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Ok Boys, best coping method right now is to bust out Gamma World and crack open the booze. Get fucked up while fucking around!

Amazed that you guys were willing to put out this video. So much love and respect you guys.

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... Cube World. <3

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Super glad to see another update. :)

As someone from the UK: Lion bars are dope, Jaffa Cakes are pretty good and fuck Monster Munch. Crunchie bars are also good but kinda sickly.

Oh! And yes, you're meant to be actively pooping while eating digestive biscuits, they're prescription medicine.

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It's so good seeing you guys getting back into your old routine some. Hope it's helping you as much as it is me. Love you all duders!

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@lashe said:

@hubrisranger: Ask and you shall receive!

Anyone else see the scary demon face in the bottle or am i crazy? From the look on Jeff's face i'd say he sees it too.

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I hope the phrase isn't losing its impact, because I have to repeat it. I love you, Giant Bomb. Crew and community, don't ever stop being the good people you are.

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Great to see you guys again :D

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@vrikk: People grieve in different ways man.. I'm sure all this is hitting him hard and is kinda putting on that front to hide his emotions. I'm sure the team all appreciate your flowers.

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So funny to hear you guys say all my favourite snacks as though they are some kind of outlandish oddity. Good to see you back, as well.

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love you guys

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Love you guys, be strong.

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I don't say this lightly: love you guys.

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that was oddly sobering in a way I didn't expect. RIP Ryan. Giant Bomb is the best.

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I have so much respect and love for all the crew members of Giantbomb, by far the best website on the internet with the best community.

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Wow, did not expect a video of any sort for at least next week at the earliest. I gotta say between all the art-work , lovely blogs and other wonderful gestures this community is fantastic. Ryan may be gone but god damn it he will NOT ever ever be forgotten. Bits of him are everywhere and even future generations will be able to discover and love this man like I've done with so many great men that died before my time. Rough Tough and Dangerous 4 Ever!


Made me really happy watching this video! Looking forward to see you all back for real!

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Those dudes over at IGN are really awesome for sending those bottles over. And everyone who sent flowers is equally as awesome. Much love to every one of the guys and I hope they know that everyone here in the community is here for support when they need it.

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Hah, I know that Yamazaki whiskey from the Yakuza games. Never had it myself though. Anyway, amazing haul there. The communities coming through!

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Man I love flowers. Those white lilies are my favorite :)

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God bless the GB crew! Praying for both Ryan's family and the GB office family!

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I needed this video, this said to me that while Ryan is gone things are going to be okay and GiantBomb is going to survive.

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Stay strong, Giant Bomb. All of us are here for you.

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The GB community is also going above and beyond.

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It's really nice to see this video, not because of new content or anything stupid like that, but just to see and hear from you guys. You're all just as important to us as Ryan.

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Wow, lots of amazing whiskey.

Keep at it guys, we'll be here for you.

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Thanks for the video guys!

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@hubrisranger: Pretty much, yeah. Cookie is shorthand for "chocolate chip cookie". We refer to them either as cookies or biscuits. Although I think pretty much everyone here is aware that a cookie in the US is the generic term for what we call biscuits, because we consume your media like motherfuckers.

Also, chocolate digestives are properly eaten dunked in tea or a hot beverage of your choice to let the chocolate melt. It won't cure cancer or anything, but it's pretty fucking good.

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Welcome back, guys. We love ya. (as is evident)

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Thanks for the video guys!

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Thanks, guys!

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Good to see the gang up and about

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Even though I love you guys, some of that booze is too good for me to ever let go. This community's done itself proud this week.

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Enjoy that Talisker, boys. It is fiiiiiiiiine stuff.

Oh, and if Brad isn't hot on Chocloate Orange, he is going to love Jaffa Cakes :) lol

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Some really high quality booze and some cheap snacks. I think I want the snacks more to be honest.

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I want to know more about Drew and his Happy Meal.

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Yay Bombcast crew!! :) <3

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I'd rather watch them play Gamma World than Pathfinder. Gamma World is their brand of crazy.

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Glad you guys are trying to get back into the swing of things, much love

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Whack & Unwrap, mothafucka!

Eat hardy, gents. We'll be here when you're ready.