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Posted by Hilts

I used to eat those Jaffa Cakes in the UK in the 70's. Made me the man I am today!

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Take the flowers, tie the stems together, turn them upside down, hang on wall. They keep most of their color that way, and look pretty good as decorations. Also, that way you don't have to chuck 'em for a much longer time. Be a nice memento for a bit.

Posted by skiguyusc

I don't know what else to say. You guys are the best.

Posted by DuskVamp

@sooty said:

god that was depressing to see all the flowers and no Ryan


@wrighteous86 told me to pack some because he thought they were weird, gross and tastes like you're eating twigs. The rest was delicious though!

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Really tough to hear silences that you know Ryan would brashly interrupt with a 'fact' about flowers float by into yet more quiet murmurings, the anticipated interruption skipped altogether.

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@vrikk: I think the flowers just represent a reminder, which probably is why it came across that way.

Posted by JackiJinx

You guys are such troopers. Take your time getting back.

Posted by seanord

Some decent scotch, in honor of a good man and crew.

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If there was ever a time for Drew to feature himself more prominently, it's now. Dude has a personality that would help fill the gaping expanse left by Ryan Davis.

Posted by Bunnyman

Happy to see this. Cheers to all who sent stuff, and to the GB crew.

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Seeing what looked like a cue card saying that Tuesdays will never be the same made me choke up.

That should be the T-shirt. I'd buy it immediately.

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I was on vacation last week when the news dropped. It's heart breaking going through all of these videos and experiencing it all for the first time. Ryan was an amazing person and I had a blast enjoying his videos and overall lust for life. My thoughts go out to the Giant Bomb team and all the fans who are missing this great guy!

Posted by Woocifer

The great thing to see is that during this sad situation, the guys at the office have each other to support and make one another at the very least feel there are arms around them when things get really dim.

And more so, all of ours out here in dumb dumb land trying our best to reach through as well.

This site and the content created is some of the most entertaining in the market, but more so it feels like you're hanging out with your buds after highschool, just shooting the shit and making fun of everything. That's what sucks the most... I'm glad to see the silliness, even in this situation, still remains.

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So good to see the guys again.

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I hope you guys enjoy the stuff I brought, I was contemplating not bringing them given the situation, but hopefully it was able to take your mind off things for even a little bit. @drewbert I'm glad someone enjoyed the monster munch! @wrighteous86 thought they were disgusting :( @brad give the chocolate orange a chance, it's delicious! Plus they got me stopped at customs and my bags searched after they thought I was smuggling in real fruit on the X-ray. I'm sure I packed a Kinder Egg Surprise too, luckily they didn't see that as they're illegal to bring in... @jeff Those digestives are best consumed after being dunked in, preferably tea, but coffee might work. Just the one dunk though, unless you wanna live dangerously. @vinny let me know how the flowers react to them, might be an interesting experiment.

There were a couple other things, Caramel Dairy Milk, Toffee Crisps. I always wondered when people sent things from the UK why it's always obscure things, even for us, why not just send some of our most loved snacks, which will be obscure to you guys anyway. Plus knowingly delicious! I hope you enjoy them!

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@duskvamp said:

@sooty said:

god that was depressing to see all the flowers and no Ryan


@wrighteous86 told me to pack some because he thought they were weird, gross and tastes like you're eating twigs. The rest was delicious though!

Also Tim Bisley is allergic to them, they cause him to violent.

Posted by zombiepenguin9

That's some choice alcohol. Here's to Ryan.

Posted by Bollard

Knew that bag was British as soon as I saw the Skips! Didn't realise you guys had none of that stuff :O

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That's some really nice booze they got there...

Posted by Crolk

i been so busy lately that i just learn today at work with my phone about Ryan and i started crying at work

sorry for your lost to Ryan's family

Posted by JamesWillby

That empty desk is heartbreaking. But good on the lads for continuing the work as he would have wanted.

On a lighter aside: Drew likes Monster Munch? I think its probably healthy we all admit to being a little in love with that man. More so now.

Posted by ThreeRoneC

My life will never be the same without hearing Ryan's voice. Thankfully there is literally hundreds of hours of videos and podcasts archived. If there was ever a man to be recorded it was Ryan Davis. I still can't believe he's gone.