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Must say.....I got love for you guys, keep it going!

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I was actually going to send flowers and im glad i didnt now, soo many already! Ill maybe send some Scottish whisky instead since its easy to come by...in Scotland. Its really cool to see you guys hanging out doing stuff, i wasnt expecting a video so soon but i was glad to watch it.

We really do love you guys ^_^

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@vrikk: I know what you mean, but some people react differently to these kind of things. Doesn't mean they don't care about it.

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thatgamecompany all up in yo' GRILLZ

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Hearing Jeff's pronunciation of Jaffa Cakes was like gold to a Englishman's ears.

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@duxa said:

You Brits are weird :P, just call em cookies haha

But we call cookies cookies. It would be confusing to call a biscuit a cookie!

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Thank you guys so much for everything you've allowed us, the community, to be a part of. We'll all stick with you guys through thick and thin!

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Man, those were some good whiskeys .... and I guess the belvedere is not bad either.

Its great to see you guys :)

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good to see you guys smiling :)

lots of love to you all!

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What???... just flowers no New balance's or 50 Ft Gummy Bear-Ryan in Heaven

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@ottoman673: Because hamburgers are tasty and toys are fun.

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Seriously Love all you guys big hugs to all of you from the UK .

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and there's me thinking that all crisps and sweets originally came from the U.S.


I recommend the Roast Beef Monster Munch (dribble)


That's a fine selection of whiskies.


R.I.P Mr Davis

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Thanks for keep on keepin' on duders.

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@vitor said:

This is the most British-ass mailbag ever.

So weird to hear Jeff mis-pronounce so many common items. Bizarre and equally hilarious.

That empty desk though... God damn. God damn.

I was quite surprised how well he pronounced MOAM considering its a hard word to say even when you know how its supposed to sound.

Also the Monster Munch are supposed to be the shape of monster feet and they are delicious. America has such boring crisp flavors.

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@cale: We should start calling cookies biscuit's, That'll show them yankee's! Also.. Joffa cakes?

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@abendlaender: Chocolate Oranges are delicious, but also quite common I'm surprised they'd never heard of them.

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I've miss you guys! The message on the white board almost made me cry again.

Love you guys!

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@vrikk: They said thank you multiple times. If you're looking for them to put smiles on, be cheery, and energetic, you're expecting far too much at this time.

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The staff and myself both made it through this video without crying. I call that progress!

Pepsi Kick is Pepsi Max with ginseng? That needs to come to the U.S. Would drink the shit out of that.

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Take as much time needed before you even think about any full-on website "business". We love Giant Bomb!

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Whoever sent the bouquet with button mums made a wonderful decision!! Spider mums are my favorite

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I love all you guys so much. I hope you guys can come out of this stronger and more powerful than ever.

Also: Board games!

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It's super weird seeing the most generic, run of the mill, everyday British food here being looked at like it's exotic.

You can't walk anywhere in England without tripping over a Jaffa Cake.

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I would never trust a snack called "Digestives"

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This was really nice and heart-warming to see. Nothing but love for this entire crew!

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I can totally understand you guys not really wanting to be in the office, staring at that empty chair. Take as much time as you need.

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That is some bread and butter British snakes right there

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@duxa said:

@alistercat said:

Digestives are a type of biscuit, or what you would call a cookie I guess. They are banned from being called Digestives in america because they're not aides to digestion. They are resilient biscuits that used to be consumed on ships since they would last long journeys.

You Brits are weird :P, just call em cookies haha

Cookies are a specific type of biscuit here. There are lots of types of biscuits. What you call biscuits I think is closer to a dumpling thing.

So many more biscuits than just cookies!

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@deegee said:

It's super weird seeing the most generic, run of the mill, everyday British food here being looked at like it's exotic.

You can't walk anywhere in England without tripping over a Jaffa Cake.

As a philistine citizen of the United States who has never traveled abroad, I looked at those treats with as much intrigue as they did. I seriously had no idea what any of those were.

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I love Ryan.

I love you guys.

I love Giant Bomb.

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Much love and respect to you all for letting us in a little. This is why this site is the greatest.

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The show must go on.....

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Flush the flowers down the toilet.

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I really love you guys.

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Very heartwarming. Thanks for sharing this, guys!

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I have to get use to the empty chairs...

Not easy to see.

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Man, if it'd just been a box full of Chocolate Oranges, that'd be the best gift ever. Lion bars are very underrated though.

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much of that shit is common here in Denmark :D

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Flush the flowers down the toilet.

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Keep on trucking, you guys. Take as much needed time you think you need.

<> Much love.

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Flush the flowers down the toilet.

Sit on them first though!

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Guy's are looking ok. Good to see them again after all this. Can't help but think of all the spots where Ryan would laugh or cut in during these things though...

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Thanks for the video. Hang in there guys. We'll are behind you :)

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Good to see you guys. Jeff's reaction about all the flowers made me chuckle, I'm just like that as well.^^ Seeing all this love and support for Ryan and you guys, from people all over the world, is just amazing.

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If it's brown, drink it down. Amen, Brad.

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The look in Jeff's eyes when he says "Let's get drunk" really made me smile, and I could really use that today. Also, it's been a while since I actually laid eyes on Vinny, but is it just me, or is he rocking Ryan's signature beard here?

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Nice to see you guys getting back into the swing of things. I respected Ryan Davis and what he did for the gaming community over the years, though I didn't always agree with his views.