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sweet a new mailbag

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Favorite feature on GB.

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I enjoy these. More please.

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Brad, master of the photo bomb.

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Zebra Shirt. I approve.

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You've been Turkey'd

Posted by PLWolf

Kinect QL going on in the background. nice!

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I'm not a chicken you're a turkey

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Turkey Time with Jeff

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Pretty great.

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"You've been Turkey'd" has to be a new video series.

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Hahahaha Brad

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Fuckin' great!

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Vinny's face at the end is priceless.

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Turkey Quick Look Invasion

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03:50 Background Vinny does not approve of turkey juice on the Green Screen.

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Sweet, a mailbag AND a Quick Look!

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Turned it off right when a wild Vinny appeared. :(

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Turkey Juice for Men. by Calvin Klein

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Fuckin' best mailbag in a while! I can't wait to see that quicklook, haha.

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East Texas represent!

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considering ryan got turkey'd does that mean you should eat ryan?

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I can't wait for that hot Turkey cameo in an upcoming Quick Look!

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that was awesome

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Why is it always the green screen? :(

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Vinny appearing at the end after hearing about there being turkey all over the green screen is hilarious. I've missed good mailbag videos.

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You've been Turkey'd


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You've been Turkey'd!!

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I hope that makes it into the Quick Look.

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Oh god, I can't wait to watch that Quick Look.

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You've been turkey'd!

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Joe R. aint no jive turkey, that's for sure.

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Now we have to see THAT quick look AND any footage of this fryed smoked turkey.

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@msavo said:

"You've been Turkey'd" has to be a new video series.


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Wonder what game the quick look is for.

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Man. Vinny looked PISSED that turkey might have got on his green screen.

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Good on Ryan for staying composed during all that. Also can't wait for the Kinect Disneyland Quick Look.

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Boy, they really stuffed up that QL!

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Hearing Ryan say "continue" loudly in the background made me laff.

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Even though it wasn't his fault, I bet Will still got blamed for making a turkey mess on the green screen.

Also, when Jeff just rolled with it and read out the spanish version of the turkey fryer was great.

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Ryan is not amused.

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Just, awesome!

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@RhombusOfTerror said:

Now we have to see THAT quick look AND any footage of this fryed smoked turkey.

@Redbullet685 said:

Wonder what game the quick look is for.

Quick Look: Kinect Disneyland Adventures is coming tomorrow, that's gotta be it

Vinny's reaction at the end is priceless :D