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Awwh, I was looking forward to seeing those cheesy Biohazard bits...
no wait...

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sniff no video

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Grr I got all excited too

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Gaintbomb Media sever is a beetch, you know, a creepy raper guy.

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brandt can't watch, or he'll pay 100 
this was promising

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Oh god... how does cube open
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how long has that katana been on luchadeer

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I sure do love mailbag videos.

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Those were all Korean snacks... not just an asian market, a more specific Korean market...

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i saw a N64 ;;)

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Oh man that is the greatest mug ever!

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That is a badass mug!  I particularly like that Blushing Dojima.
....I think a great name for a alcoholic beverage would be the Blushing Dojima.

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Charlie Coffee Mug!!!

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They used that intro. You can't stop it. Love the hair Vinny.

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Why did Vinny cut his hair? NO!

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Ahh several Korean snacks, all the way from Asia, NC

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That Mug is so awesome.

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What part of North Carolina?
Vinny looks so weird with the haircut.

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More Fanmail?
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I hate that fucking deer head.

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Panning to Jeff trying to open the CostCo cube with a toy gun = awesomeness.
And man I wanted to hear what part of NC.  I'm from one of the many suburban redneck towns and wanted to know if that guy was the same!

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Ha Ha awesome! Love The Mail Bag and that mug is awesome. I am jealous.

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lol, someone just dumped their Korean groceries into a box and sent it to GB...

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awesome! send some my way.

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I love shrimp chips, though they taste nothing like shrimp

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There is a PERSONA MUG in the STYROFOAM CUBE! (spoilers)

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I was thinking this would be some Resident Evil goody box from Japan or something, I was pleasently suprised.

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Ahh an appearnce from Drew always warms the heart

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Awesome, Korea/Korean snacks represent! Had most of them, they're pretty good, recommend you try some sweet potato chips :) 

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mug sending dude = good job

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That mug is AWESOME

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"Or, they are mushrooms that taste like cookies" 
Also, shaved Vinny is still awesomer.
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Vinny got shaved!

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"save me god damnit!!" LoL!
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" Why did Vinny cut his hair? NO! "
Chie told him she liked guys with really short hair.
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wow that mug..

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Did Vinny recently shave his head? I don't remember that look on him. :O

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Brad thinks hes Stanley Kubrick

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My, my how I missed Mr. Gerstmann

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Vinny is the definition of sexy

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Was I the only one who thought that the picture was of saussages?

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Best damn mug ever!

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Wow, Vinny looks way different.

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@Fallen189 said:
" I hate that fucking deer head. "
Hey! He has a name, thank you very much.
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Banana snacks..awesome!

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Welcome back Jeff.

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The mug is awesome! I was expecting a Jack Frost figurine, or something. Luchadeer got so much style he should be down with the Stylistics!