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Posted by GS_Dan

I had this achievement...

Posted by vr00m

I did not....

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Posted by Asberg

socker dricka = sugar drink. awesome stuff.

Posted by ogto

drew really nails that arm raise reaction

Posted by biggiedubs

I bet that book of Fairy Tales is pretty good, I do like me a good nordic fantasy / fairy tale story.

Posted by eloj

I could go for some Portello about now.

Posted by TzarStefan

Sweden <3

Posted by spiceninja


Posted by Flameinc

Be careful dudes,

That Swede may have sent you a soda that tastes like liquorice... you've been warned!

Posted by Borklund

Bork bork bork.

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Iiiiiin West Scandinavia, Thor be praised,

in a mead hall that's where I spent most of my days.

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But seriously though, I'd listen to Brad read anything.

Posted by Eristocrat

Oh man, I hope they drink these on the podcast!

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The book of Swedish folk tales is because Brad was really enjoying Year Walk, right?

I thought it would be explained in the note but apparently not.

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Jeff's Swedish is javla bra.

Posted by yyZiggurat
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I'm also Swedish, but I have never seen that 21 before. Be careful.

Posted by ColdPhone

The turn to Drew is the best part.

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Jeff's Swedish is flawless.

Posted by hardindr


Posted by PattyCakes

They nailed it on the timing wth that slow pan to Drew, followed by hands in the air

Posted by BasketSnake

Swedes. I don't trust'em!

Posted by GodlyOne

Clearly they should always make a trip to Denny's before work.

Posted by GorillaMoPena

bork laser?

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Someone please tell there is a gif of Drew's shrug!

Posted by MeatSim

There is never a good time to go to a Denny's. There food doesn't even look good in the TV commercials!

Posted by Mr48

What kind of crazy space-knife is that?

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@borklund said:

Bork bork bork.

Makes sense that YOU would say that ;)

Posted by MaFoLu

DJ Ungelvral and Soccer Dricka. Jeff has now made it at least three times more entertaining to go shopping.

Posted by civid

When Michael Blomkvist is talking Swedish in Mission Impossible 4, the subtitles reads "[IN RUSSIAN]"... I fucking hate America so much

Posted by BeachThunder

Story-time with Brad!!

Posted by Mr48

@mr48: Figured it out. Its an Iain Sinclair Cardsharp.

Posted by Christoffer

Really glad us swedes didn't screw it up this time with things like Djungelvrål or Salta Droppar or Hockeypulver. Sockerdricka is kind of bland though. It's like unflavoured soda.

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As someone who resides in Sweden, it was hilarious hearing him read that shit out loud.

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I've never seen the tjugoett (21) soda before, neither that socker dricka-brand (means sugar drink)!

Posted by RedRocketWestie

Ryan, check your voicemail.

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Swedish guy attempting to decipher Jeff's swedish. Please feel free to suggest any changes!

Detaljplan för ett område norr om Björkvägen, Solhagen 31 Haga

(Detailed plans for an area north of Björkvägen, Solhagen 31 Haga (Street names?)

Parkering max två timmar i Stenstan.

(Maximum two hours parking in Stenstan (area in central Sundsvall)

Sockerdricka = Sugar Drink, it tastes like you would expect. Never heard of that 21 drink. Portello is weird, I've never liked it, although some people love it.

Posted by Schlookum

Nah same, Arvid man! reveal yourself and explain where that 21 soda was from, I bet its some local brewery somewhere, I am sure its not from the north or the south and not middle. So this is mystery shit!

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Please god we need a story time video!

Posted by antivanti

When I saw the picture of Jeff holding the Swedish newspaper I knew this had to be good =)

Dubbelt så gott = Twice as good (Double so good)

Posted by marbleCmoney


Posted by 00

Jeff needs to get a proper knife. Every time he uses that folding credit-card thing, it looks like he is going to slice his fingers off.

At least he wasn't cutting towards himself like he usually does…

Posted by xXHesekielXx

Jeff. Your swedish is amazing!!!!

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I bet drinking a 21 is just like drinking three 7's one after the other.

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Posted by Lausebub

Now you guys have something to read for Unprofessional Fridays after Space Jam is done.

Posted by graf1k

Jeff has the dopest MNWKA shirts!

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Yay! It's been a while since there's been a Mailbag.

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