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ya mailbag

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Whooo! more mailbag!

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Pornstar references FTW! lol

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i like free stuff

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Booyeah mailbag!

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"Sasha Grey's sister?" Ha ha!

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Male bag.

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Thanks blizzard for making my wow addiction this much harder :(

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Brad is pretty.

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Why does Ryan pronounce 'piracy' so wrongly?
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These guys would make a load off eBay on some of the junk they get sent. 

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Jeff! Stop trying to grow a beard. You know you can't. Don't try. Sorry, bud. 

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@Shinri said:
" Why does Ryan pronounce 'piracy' so wrongly? "
It's funnier that way.
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@Shinri said:
" Why does Ryan pronounce 'piracy' so wrongly? "
i am sure its deliberate to be silly
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That's a good idea from Blizzard, to buy a stuffed animal that you get in-game as well, but I'd never pay money for that stuff. 

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Brad is MY scissor guy.

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@SoulEdgeSlayer said:
" @Shinri said:
" Why does Ryan pronounce 'piracy' so wrongly? "
It's funnier that way. "

Is it?  I'm sure he thinks so but... 
Is there an official psychopathology term for the obsessive need to mispronounce words?
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Peeracy is really really bad peeple.
Don't do eet!

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2 mailbag videos in 1 week? 
It's like an angel shot a heavenly load in my eyes!
Wait, that came out wrong...

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AWWWW Brad's in love.

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Good to see Brad is back in action, getting his mailbag on.

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It's part of the game. You gotta investigate to find it!

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I love you mailbag... Also Brads voice is just getting sexier and sexier

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Damn they had like 20 360's lying around.

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Damn jeff, clean your desk duder.
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@VinceNotVance said:
" 2 mailbag videos in 1 week?   It's like an angel shot a heavenly load in my eyes!  Wait, that came out wrong... "
If it got you in the eyes it came out just riiiiiight.
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I say GB should get luchadeer pets into WoW.

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Jeff Gerstmann's Frankfurt Galaxy shirt is the most amazing thing I ever saw. Wearing a jersey from our good old now defunct NFL Europe franchise is amazing. Wow, how did he even get his hands on that?

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I love mailbag videos. 

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It's kind of funny - I remember a General Forums post about two weeks ago saying "Blizzard, make plushies!"   
What do you know? They made plushies. 

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as it turns out Brad is alive and loves plushies

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The griffin plushy looks like a digimon.

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Oooh, Megaman 10 :o

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@mosdl said:
" I say GB should get luchadeer pets into WoW. "
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I know one thing for sure: Ryan isn't going to watch his own punk-style in-your-face videos. Makes people who are not Ryan kinda sea-sick ;)

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Jeff is growing a 'beard'. Nice.

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Would be awesome to win some of that stuff. D:

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Nice stuff + Cool beard = Good video
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I feel sad....

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@Raven_Sword:  Low blow, man. Corporate overlord much? ;)
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Rofl at the pornstar reference.

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Vinny's last comment, ' I want a wuzzle' cracked me up. I remember those!

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Been missing Brad on the podcast of late, despite my enjoyment of Dave and Drew. Be nice to hear that guy again.

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So what do you guys do with all this promo crap? Keep it, send it back or give it away.
And I like how Brad's work area is always relatively tidy, and Jeff and Ryan's desks are just chaos.