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yay mailbag!

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yessss, another mailbag featuring goofy ass B-Rad.

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Brad Shoemaker: Party Animal.

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MAILBAG TIME. Excitement!

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hahah, party dutch angle.
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For Vinny's sake, I was really hoping it was a llllady. So if there's a gun-arm, and a gun-leg, we need a wiki for gun-lamp.  

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Too bad it's not the lamp from A Christmas Story.

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Heck YES Mysterious Box. Also Vinny's face after he says "Hi" is brilliant.

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I thought this was was a stupid promo item until I saw the sweet red bulb!

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@RJPelonia:  404, bro.
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hellz yeah more mailbag. also, finally Kessler shaved his scruffy 'beard'

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So it's a lamp... shaped like a gun? With a red bulb? Fascinating...
Also, that Touchmaster is totally awesome.

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I miss quick looks :(

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...creepy boobs...

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bewbs, always relevant

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mysterious box sounds like a persona 4 character to me

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Touch Master obviously GOTY.

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Odd boobs. And did jeff drop a beastie boys reference?

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Boobs?  In my Giant Bomb?

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Kessler's hair.

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Having worked in a bar which had one of these I can say most guys tried so hard to hide the fact they were playing the nude lady games.
Gotta love the mailbag vids!

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I love this thing. If I had a bar, It'd be right there next to the buzztime charging station.

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They should have more boobs in future Mailbag videos.

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Oh yes.  I think I heard an allusion to Bots Master right there from Jeff.  Excuse me while I head over to YouTube ... there's a video I need to watch again.

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"I have to beat LilVinny."ROFL

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Mmm pixel boobs.

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haha hilarious.

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Does having a not safe for work item in your office create some kind of paradox?  It seems like you are playing with things you no nothing about, using knowledge you didn't work to earn even.

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Totally boobcity.

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but is it multiplayer?

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Soooo uhhh, is Jeff Bridges in those games?

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fuck yeah!

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Madness. Also that is one sweet lamp.

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Erotic games? Strip Poker? is that why its called the Touch Master...

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Vinny is adorable.

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I absolutely love the tangents Vinny can just go off on.

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NOnonono guys! Norm didnt mean the food Fish, he meant the band Phish! 
He though someone mailed you a box of bootlegs ,which is actually a good idea for a trollish package.... 
hmmm.. time to start burning CDs.