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Scotchy scotch
Edit: Wow finally got that quest.   Mailbags are definitely fun.
What game are they talking about in the beginning before Ryan shows up.

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god damn it eff the both of ya

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Weird, what's going on here? Video brokey.

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video not working

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@YoctoYotta said:
" Weird, what's going on here? Video brokey. "
Oh noes! 
(same thing happened yesterday. It'll probably be working soon.)
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@roninhack: The fact they're talking about Portal and Half Life I would assume the new Sacrifice DLC for L4D/L4D2 
And woo 2 Mailbags in a row 
Edit- I swear does Giantbomb have a drawer just for USB sticks? Every single press thingy hands one out now <_<
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@Skrams  That's a good guess.  Possible Prophet of a Quick Look for that DLC?

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Mailbag again sweet

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So close!"

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@josty81  I apologize,  I just finished the Assassins Creed Brotherhood Quick Look and saw that this mailbag was up.  saw there were no comments so i took my shot.  
I will avoid any other firsts in the future.

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I really wish i had a paid account, i wanna watch them drink the the Scotch

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I love that there is STUFF going on in the background of this whole video

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i love scotch. scotchy scotch scotch

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I dig Ryan and Dave's new grooves. Everyone seems to look slightly younger. Nothing an alcohol enema won't fix, though.
Man, that'd mess a guy up!

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Ryan at 7:45 sounds and looks like House from House MD for some reason. Am I alone?

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Smooth ending there, Jeff. Very smooth.

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If it's not scottish its crap.

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Oh man, have fun with the Laphroaig. I enjoy scotch and that is some of the worst stuff I've tasted.

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Man, I'm drinking that Quarter Cask right now! Scary..

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surprised you guys don't enjoy a nice scotch...

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"I didn't hit the button" 
Sidenote, it must either boost or dismish productivity for the fact that they have a bar right in their offices. 

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Every game should come with Dave's face.

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So isn't white out the new flavor that was voted in for that whole dewmocracy promotion? I didn't know that it was an old flavor.
I have a case of it in my fridge right now...so yeah you can totally buy it.

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No wonder people in the game industry have some extra pounds... not saying it as a slight against them but man I'd have a few extra pounds if I got sent candy, drinks, and chips every day. 

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@TiE23 said:
" Ryan at 7:45 sounds and looks like House from House MD for some reason. Am I alone? "
You are most certainly alone. I don't hear it.
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Hell yes, Tom Bergeron.

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I hate how Jeff always drinks the drinks right away, PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE it will taste better. 

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At first I thought they said "Master Cheese."  They only said "Nacho Cheese" :(

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The comment in the previous mailbag video about Jeff being thirsty BECAUSE the only thing he drinks is mailbag video drinks is actually supported by this video.
I need a lie down.

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Scotch and enemas, great weekends.

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Nice Shaq

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@TiE23 said:
" Ryan at 7:45 sounds and looks like House from House MD for some reason. Am I alone? "
i can hear it
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The Laphroaig ain't that bad, you just have to learn to appreciate it's taste, due to its difference.

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You guys have the best job ever. Free games, booze and soda get yourself a couple of strippers and thats you done for the weekend.

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We have no mailbags for a month and now we get to in two days. Result.
Wait... does Pepsi own Mountain Dew?

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Macro Switch needs its own page

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more like squirt out

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Word to Fernwood Tonight.

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@RE_Player92: to be honest i could quite happily live with and extra couple stone for free booze soda, candy and games  I'd give up a leg for their job, although it may not be out of choice with diabeties haha (FYI only funny if it happens to me not anyone else that stuf isnt cool)
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The ending was great.

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Oh god damn. My two favorite scotches.

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"Hey Dave someone sent booze"
Dave drops what he's doing and immediately walks over

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Just to let you know Jeff, White Out won the mt.dewmocracy so its actually part of the regular dew family now. They sell it in stores here in Florida

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Fernwood 2Nite! I remember that... from the P4 Endurance Run. X3

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I hope they wait opening those until AFTER the show :)

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I wonder how many total gigabytes worth of flash drives those guys have lying around.  And if there is any use to be had out of a mass of flash drives.  I'd imagine you can't easily harvest the parts and combine them, like you would a bunch of hard drives.

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Gah, that macro switch is loud