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I remember scotch hangovers. Enjoy Whiskey Team!

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Mailbag makes my daaaaay!

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The name Tom Bergeron reminds me of the TV movie Harrison Bergeron with Sean Astin as lead. The VHS had some porn-y movie trailers, something about babysitters and a playboy dude. The movie was alright, too. 
If this was Trash Panic, Ryan would be fucked.

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Dude that sends you those two bottles sincerely appreciates your efforts.  Wow.

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Macro switch was violently ineffective.

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Scotsman here: Both very good whiskies. Laphroaig is a little too intense for my tastes, but still very high quality.

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I wonder if the cost of all these elaborate promotional items is then built into the cost of the game that the rest of us have to foot the bill for.

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Whiteout won the DEWmocracy contest and was brought to stores earlier this month, it is a new permanent edition to the md family.

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God these guys have like the perfect job.

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i love scotch..  and give me the peatey stuff im no snob!
i drink booze

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LOL at L4D2 quick look being recorded in the background.

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I like how long Ryan paused after Jeff suggested that all booze should come in capri sun pouches. Like he was really weighing the idea.

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needs some Johnnie Walker. Blue Label.

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..how did I miss this?

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@Spider_Dan23 said:

Dude, this is from Pepsi so it's time to get serious! Honor the code!

Why did you resurrect this thread?

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@BestUsernameEver: Why didn't you?

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mountain dew and doritos !

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I'm the guy that sent in the whisky in this video - even though I never got to meet him, I'm just glad that I got to thank Ryan in some small way for being the cool person that he was.