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Just when I think this site can't get any stupider. You prove me wrong, I love you guys.

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I love this place.

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Will this be upside down like Space Brad's stupid mailbag?

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Just amazing. I love this site. Also this video beat the edited version of Brad's video, so Ryan wins again!

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By the gods, this is what I needed for my Monday, total shenanigans!

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I'm at least glad there is an initiative to create more videos.

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What makes a mail bag better, 2 of them!

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I didn't know it was possible to transfer flavor through the internet, but watching Jeff pop that whole creme egg in his mouth has definitely left me with that unmistakably horrific "MY MOUTH IS MADE OF SUGAR" feeling. I haven't had a creme egg in years, and I can taste it just as strongly as if I had eaten one right now.

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SO much respect for that Cool Hand Luke reference

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Goddamn those Pork Scratchings are awful. My Dad loves them. THEY'RE SOGGY AS FUCK.

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Has living in Canada spoiled me? I've never known a day of my entire life that I was not explicitly aware of chocolate encased popcorn. I love that stuff.

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Vinny has baby hair.

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Chocolate covered popcorn!? video games are over!

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love them jiggly hot pixels

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Apparently, the GB crew are bigger fans of crunchy snacks than chewy snacks. Good to see them a bit more positive about a mailbag of junk food. After the big gummy one that didn't go over so well, I was concerned they would continue on like that. As always, proud to say that I pay them money!

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This would be better if it was upside down.

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around 1:25 freeze frame that shit when you see the white board.

Japan is on there listed as 4/?? among pax and e3.


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European made Cadbury Creme Eggs are different from US made ones in that they actually contain ingredients meant for human consumption.

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not upside down.

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Yeah, Mr. Porky! It's always gross when you think about it but it tastes so good.

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Ugh fuckin hate cadbury creme eggs

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What happened to that other mailbag?

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I mis the eggs that would come like 4 to a small purple carton that you had a small spoon to eat the cream from the inside.

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Creme eggs are kinda sickening, but yeah, one a year is about how many I have as well. I much prefer Cadbury Mini eggs.

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Is Vinny growing a mohawk? What is that on his head?

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Really want that chocolate covered popcorn now.

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Where the hell is @brad's mailbag? I think they need another all hands meeting.

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Oh man... I want some of that popcorn.

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pork products...gave some pork rinds to my three year old boy once...all he said was... "these

are making me ANGRY!" watch your step Mr Bradley

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Dark Dog is an amazing drink. Feels like a kick to the heart when you drink it.

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Where's the other video!! It was on the front page when I watched this and it's gone for me now!!!!

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Chocolate covered popcorn has become pretty popular here in Sweden too. I thought it was pretty disgusting for the same reason Jeff mention, the chocolate layer is way too thick making you feel sick after the first popcorn, and then you have another 200g of that stuff remaining in the bag.

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Porky's are gross. Creme eggs are alright but I agree with Jeff, the cadbury caramel eggs are faaar better. Shame they stopped selling them after easter. Wonder if they have had the cadbury cornflake and raisin clusters? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Jeff is on point with the caramel eggs, those are better than the icky creme ones.

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A wild Tony appears!

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When I was in Houston I found this store where they had all sorts of different popcorn and I tried chocolate covered popcorn there. It was okay. Nacho Bacon Popcorn was the best, but none of them were good after your first couple hand fulls.

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I don't think I've ever eaten a cream egg, maybe, but I certainly don't recall the texture its been so long if I have.

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I fucking love pork scratchings but yeah that brand is pretty weak.

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I originally read that tag line to read Jeff was staring down his own "morality."

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Oh man, I needed something light hearted. Great stuff.

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I don't think I could consume a drink labeled Dark Dog.

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that dark dog label is AMAZING

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Pork Scratchings are meant to have fat on them... What are Grinds then?

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cool, cool cool cool.