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Posted by Peacemaker

Videos like this are the reason Giant Bomb is an amazing website.

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Posted by HT101
@Peacemaker said:
" Videos like this are the reason Giant Bomb is an amazing website. "
I quite agree sir.  Dave is the fucking man.  If someone disagrees, you are wrong.
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Posted by ComradeCrash

lol that was way too funny!

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Posted by Quacktastic
@mrcraggle: Yeah, the one behind him.  You're probably right.
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It was better when it was just a mysterious crate and you had to figure how to open it. The contents of the crate was pure disappointment but we did find out that Jeff has a deadly axe kick.

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Posted by fwylo

Lol @ the picture of shaq above the computer

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Posted by Aeterna

Dave won an epic victory here. Then he did it again.

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Posted by MachidaX89

Brad from a distance,  "COP!!!!"

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Posted by Subject2Change

Dave is fucking hilarious. Also gotta love him stealing some of them at the end was priceless.
@Ineedaname said:

" What was the game on the TV in the background? "

I think Tekken 6.
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Posted by Venatio

Hilarious =0

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Posted by FireBurger

Dave was hilarious.

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Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

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Posted by swamplord666

Aaaaaaah What's in the box?! WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!! What's in the fucking Box!!

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Posted by Kombat

This video was purely amazing.

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Posted by teh_destroyer

Where have Vinny and Drew been? I like Dave, but I don't want him replacing my beloved Drew :(.

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Posted by InFamous91

You guys always get the good stuff

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Posted by Mijati

I'm glad Dave is getting a lot more screen time recently, seemed before a few months ago he very rarely appeared now he appears to be around a lot more.

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Posted by DevWil

god, so much video game literacy in this video.

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Posted by Lotan

Whoa at the video description, I just watched that movie 3 hours ago.

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Posted by Impossibilium

Vimto isn't a Middle Eastern drink. It's a British soft drink that tastes fruity.
Fizzy isn't as good as regular cordial version.

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Posted by mudkip9000

brads gettin a bit pudgy.

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Posted by Yit

I like how Dave was hoarding the plushies at the end. SQUEE

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Posted by Shifty_Mcfly

The drugs are in the sqeeballs.

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Posted by themaster408

Personally, this is my favorite video so far.  I freaken loved the crate.  Good job to the gentleman with the purple stuff (and I love the reference to Sunny D)

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Posted by Benjamimmy

Now we know never to mess with Jeff and his deadly axe kick. I can see stars already!

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Posted by MoeGoPing

P.S the drugs were in the dolls
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Posted by F1

DUDE! I practically grew up drinking VIMTO! I'm not joking! That stuff is addictive. Drink it ice cold! You'll love it!

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Vimto is my favorite fruit drink. its fuckin awesome

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Posted by azrael76

You forgot head butting the create from below.
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Posted by TobyD81

Video game logic enters the real world...excellent.

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Posted by babz

just awesome.

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Posted by skippyscissors

Falcon Punch it

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Posted by Aarny91

No offence to Brad, but he definitely is getting a little big. I never really noticed before, but he's almost as big as Jeff. Still, got to love those guys.

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Posted by yakov456

Why can't I get mail like this each day, coming home from work would be a joy. Jeff keeping it real with the tubesocks.

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Posted by slyspider

Brad's not getting that big. It was the camera angle. Look at him in other videos

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Posted by Chewii101

CRATE! I guess Dave moved downstairs? CRATES! 

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I expected more snark toward Game Cop.  Also, NEVER.

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Posted by vexx919

Houston representing

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Posted by CptChiken

dave makes me laff so much 

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Posted by Sheetsy77

Jeff's axe kick is deadly! 0_o

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Posted by Majkiboy

This made me laugh so hard! Thank you all senders and recievers!

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Posted by yogetoutdaway

"that's where the drugs are." LMAO
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Posted by sneakysnake128

Best comments by the Bombcrew ever.

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Posted by Julmust

I want those plushies! I love plushies...

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Posted by Coleslaw893
@atomic_dumpling said:
 The worst enemy of the Klingon empire
 The worst enemy of the Klingon empire
Endless string of references in the beginning was awesome.
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Posted by RenegadeSaint
@Yit said:
" I like how Dave was hoarding the plushies at the end. SQUEE "
I second this.  He was ninja-ing those Squeeballs.
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Posted by Dr_Feelgood38

Dude! Abu Abed drinks! I always get that stuff.

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Posted by ZombieHunterOG

thats fucking awesome 

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Posted by fox01313

GiantBomb seriously needs to put on it's plush headcrab & go buy a crowbar just for occasions like this or fending off zombie invasions or telemarketers.