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Brad should just eat the crate.

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Se7en reference! 

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I want some purple stuff...
Real bad!!

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Great mail day going be tough to top

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Dave really loves that crate. . . .

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Gordon Freeman would be proud.

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nice shorts jeff

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Jeff fucked that box up. And I love how Brad was randomly exclaiming in the background at the end and Ryan just ignored it and continued talking to Jeff.
I fucking love these guys.

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dave's a fucking legend and jeff is hilarious.
so's brad: "100 golden bolts..?"

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those squeeballs look adorable.

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Transformers tech specs, nice one Jeff.
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@Aarny said:
" No offence to Brad, but he definitely is getting a little big. I never really noticed before, but he's almost as big as Jeff. Still, got to love those guys. "
OR maybe Jeff is losing enough pounders where they look the same.
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All they had to do was slide open the top...

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I swear these idiot companies waste so much cash sending out yet more merch crap that 30 somethings couldn't give a crap about and don't have kids yet to give them to. That aside you did just advertise their game (whatever it was) for a few minutes.

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Dave's pillow fight laugh always cracks me up!

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i love Dave's insanity laugh, after he declares pillow fight...

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I feel like his crazy laugh was inspired by this man:
Those nutty Alaskans!

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I've had a really really bad day today and seeing Jeff axe kick that crate really cheered me up.  You guys are doing important work.  Keep it up.

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Shaq on the Wall :D

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hahahahaha the very end where dave grabs two fuzzball things made me laugh for some reason

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Best. Mailbox. Ever.

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Man, Brad has lost some weight

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Super efficient way to open a crate: Ax Kick. Also you gotta love Dave.

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It would have been awesome if you guys opened the crate by shooting it with a gun lol. I agree Jeff, this was a lot cooler when it was just a crate :).

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Jeff: *Thump* kicks

Ryan: Stop kicking it!

Jeff: I'm trying to open it.

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Seeing this video reminds me that I miss @snide. Regardless, hope he's having a good time being a family man.