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Woo indeed. Woo indeed.

Edit: Really, really, really want some chocolate now.

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Wilford Brimley edition?

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Looks sketchy.

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Do you not have easter eggs in America?

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Never complain about free Diabeetus!

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Do you not have easter eggs in America?

No, we definitely do. I don't know how this question ties into the video yet though so forgive me not for elaborating further.

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This is how brad dies.. not with a bang.. but with an egg.

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One could say that's an eggcellent haul.

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Ireland represent!

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Oh man, Double Deckers are awesome.

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Because someone is going to eventually, I might as well point out that Ireland is not in the United Kingdom.

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jesus christ thats a LOT of chocolate, godspeed gents

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This is so scary...

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holy shit...

they are all gonna die from chocolate.

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@JoeOE18 said:

Because someone is going to eventually, I might as well point out that Ireland is not in the United Kingdom.

Indeed, I was about to do just that, and I'm not usually bothered to do so.

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Holy shit it's about me!

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holy shit ... 100€ for shipping? Thats abour 130$ o_O

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"What is this guy trying to do to us?!"

Nothing you haven't already done to yourselves..

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Alexis is going to have a badass beard.

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Big letters on the postage thing, EIRE; "Hmm, where did this come from?"

Ireland isn't part of the UK either.

Silly 'Murcans.

E: Brad is terrible at Geography :/

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I like how entranced ryan is by a double decker haha

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Don't you people have a decent pair of scissors?

Also I got that exact same egg back as a little kid in Ireland. That was a fun hunt. And it also lasted about 10 years, because I was tiny.

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Cadbury is from Birmingham. Kraft bought it (FUCK KRAFT).

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i'm only doing this to get a cheeve, i'm a sellout

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Oh god. I think I got diabetes watching that.

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So now that they got it in the mail, when will the diabetes quick look be up?

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Lol Cool!! I know all this stuff

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So thats why the Ireland had an egg shortage over easter.

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Diabetes in a crate. :x

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Good to know that box cutter is still around, doing its job.

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It says Éire on there and is paid in freaking €...

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anyone know what brand of shoes patrick has?

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Some Irish dude is trying to kill the staff of Giantbomb then?

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Brad really needs to grow a Wilford Brimley mustache. There's no reason, I just want to see it.

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@alienjones said:

Some Irish dude is trying to kill the staff of Giantbomb then?

If it's anyone, it would be the guy that sent the shady vodka.

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There's probably more HFCS in a single jelly belly than there is in the entire treasure chest full of sweets.

I need to visit my local European food import shop and pick me up some chocolate that's made of: chocolate and sugar.

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Cadbury's is from Bournville (also the name of one of thier chocolate bars) near birmingham, It was set up in much the same way of Hershey as a village where people who worked in the factory would live aswell as work.

And yes to repeat what someone else has said, the global cheese champions KRAFT but the company over :(

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I still find it amazing that people are willing to spend this much money on semi-joke gifts for these dudes.

I have family members who don't spend this much money on me for Christmas.

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This video seems to highlight that there isn't much in Ireland to begin with let alone Galway. Good looking women though at least in comparison to Dublin.

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All that Clarkson can't possibly be healthy for you.

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The big 'ol postage stamp with €105.00 on it also says Éire, Americans being bad at geography, myth = plausible.